Afghani Pistachio and Almond Export/Import

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Afghani Pistachio and Almond

Afghani Pistachio and Almond Export/Import

There are exporters in Iran that are exporting Afghani Pistachio and Almond from Iran and Afghanistan to other countries and you can import these products directly.

Afghani pistachio and almond are among the products in the field of nuts that widely consume in the market.
In fact, The main market is for Afghani pistachio and almond kernels (without shell).

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Afghan pistachio and almond kernels enter Iran through the eastern borders of the country.

The main distribution center of these products is in Khorasan Razavi province and especially the holy city of Mashhad.

Afghani Pistachio and Almond in Iran’s Market

Pistachio kernels and almonds imported from Afghanistan are usually sent from Herat to Mashhad.
Afghan pistachio kernel, also known as “forest pistachio kernel” and “Herati pistachio kernel”.
Imports of these products from Afghanistan to Iran usually happens through Herat-Mashhad shipping companies.

But in some cases when it is not possible to send cargo, these products enter Iran with passengers and by taxis.
Since passenger traffic from Herat to Mashhad is high, high volumes can also transfer this way.

After that, these pistachio and almond kernels will send to all over the country through domestic transportation companies or bus companies.

Purchasing Afghani Pistachio and Almond in Iran’s Market

Afghani Pistachio and Almond

The sale of Afghan pistachio kernels and almonds should be considered separately.

Afghan pistachio kernels are one part of forest and wild pistachio kernels. This product also grows in the Sarakhs region in northeastern Iran.
But the production volume of this type of pistachio kernel in Afghanistan is much more than Iran.

The pistachio kernel is very green in color and tastes very good because it is mountainous.
For this reason, Herati forest pistachio kernels use in various fields such as confectionery, bakery and cooking, Lokum production and so on.

Afghan almond kernels are very similar to Iranian almond kernels and sell well in the Iranian market due to their cheaper prices.
Of course, in some years, due to the low volume of production and the difficulty of sending cargo, the cost of Afghan almond kernels in Iran goes very high and is not affordable.

The sales volume of almond kernels, especially pistachio kernels from Afghanistan in Iran is very significant.
Meanwhile, a part of Afghan pistachio kernel send to the Turkish market through Iran.

Afghani Nuts and Kernels Center

Afghani Nuts

As mentioned above, the main distribution center for pistachio and almond kernels is Mashhad Bazaar.

Of course, other cities in Khorasan Razavi province that are close to the Afghan border are also active in this area.
In the wholesale market of Mashhad, some traders from Afghanistan work directly and others with their Iranian partners.

In this field, commercial companies also operate and import the desired products in high volume through official sources in Iran.
Afghan pistachio kernels and almonds are well received in the market due to their lower price compared to similar Iranian varieties.

This has encouraged many Afghan traders in Iran to import.

Pistachio and Almond Kernels Price

Pistachio and Almond Kernels Price

The daily price of pistachio and almond kernels depends on certain cases and conditions.

As you have read in the above, in some periods of time it is not possible to do trade between Iran and Afghanistan.
On the other hand, the quality and freshness of the product has a direct impact on its price.

In other words, the effective quality parameters in the price of pistachio and almond kernels are:

  • Freshness and taste
  • Absence of foreign materials (skin, stones, etc.)
  • Product size
  • Product elongation
  • Suitable packaging

The above are effective in the direct price of pistachio and almond kernels.
Once the product is specified, the shipping conditions and shipping costs must be added to the cost of the product.

Since the price of these products fluctuates, it is not possible to post an updated price on the website.
But you can get the daily price of the products just by filling out the form on the site or by contacting the sales unit by phone.

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