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Do you want to import pistachio nuts from Iran? Here we introduce you where to find different varieties of Iranian Peste.

Not only Iran, But also America, Turkey and Syria are the main producers of pistachios all around the globe.
But, Iranian Pistachios widely known because of its delicious taste and purple skin color of kernels.

Pistachio Kernels to India

Pistachio Kernels to India | Iranian Nuts and Dried Fruits

The Artin Pistachio factory exports pistachio kernels to India. Purple-Skin Fandoghi pistachio kernels are among the Iranian nuts and dried fruits.The best pistachio nuts and Iranian pistachio kernels are...

White Skin Pistachios

White Skin Pistachios to Import

White Skin Pistachios have many buyers in Indian, China, Qatar, and Srilanka. If you want to import Iranian pistachio nuts, you need a good supplier.Iranian white skin pistachios divide...

Green Pistachio Nuts and Kernels

Iranian Green Pistachio Nuts and Kernels for Export/Import

There are many benefits in pistachios, That's why there are many buyers for Iranian Green Pistachio Nuts and Kernels for Export/Import of these products.Iran's green pistachio kernels for export...