Akbari Pistachios’ Sale for Import | Iranian Nuts

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Akbari Pistachios’ Sale for Import | Iranian Nuts

Akbari pistachios sale in bulk for import from Iran to other countries is profitable if you can find affordable Iranian Long pistachio nuts.

To buy Akbari pistachios for export/import at a reasonable price, you should find a good supplier. It’s important to know the Akbari pistachios’ sale price in wholesale markets and production centers.
These pistachio supply centers often operate in high volume in 2 provinces of Kerman and Khorasan Razavi in Iran.

Akbari pistachio is one of the best types of Iranian pistachios in world markets. This type of pistachio is in the category of Long Pistachio nuts.
This type of pistachio is one of the main options for packaging and supply in chain stores. It’s due to its sleek and beautiful appearance.

Akbari pistachio is mainly available in Khorasan and Kerman provinces, and when buying, we must carefully examine the quality parameters.

Akbari Pistachios Quality Parameters

This pistachio is one of the most important and widely in-use pistachios among Iranian export-quality pistachio varieties.
Due to its large size, this pistachio is able to find many fans around the world. Of course, the price of this pistachio is high due to its large size and long shape.
For this reason, most of the Akbari pistachios are for export to far and near countries.

As we mentioned, Akbari pistachios’ sale is high in export/import markets.
But this should not cause us to deviate from the parameters and quality characteristics of Akbari pistachios.
One of the criteria for determining the quality of this valuable pistachio is the size and amount of stains on its skin (hardshell).
We all know that the larger the size of the pistachio, the higher the price and quality. On the other hand, the amount of stains on pistachios is high sometimes, and the fewer stains our Akbari pistachio has, the higher its quality, and it is considered luxury pistachio.

Major Wholesale Center of Iranian Pistachios

We can say that the two provinces of Khorasan Razavi and Kerman are the main centers of pistachio production in Iran and have a high volume of production and exports.
In this regard, many pistachio producers and processing workshops are in this region. With their products, these workshops are able to employ a large number of people in their cities.

Due to the high volume of workshops and products in Khorasan Razavi and Kerman provinces, these two cities are the best places to buy pistachios and pistachio products.
For this reason, if you want to buy pistachios in bulk, you have to buy from these cities. Of course, for bulk shopping, you do not need to travel to these cities and look for the main manufacturers, but you can do your shopping online. In the next section, we will tell you more about this issue.

Akbari Pistachios’ Sale for Export/Import

As we mentioned, Akbari pistachio, due to its size and shape, has been able to shine like a diamond in the basket of Iranian agricultural products.

Due to their characteristics, these pistachios are in use for export to various countries. Countries such as European countries, Asian countries such as Iraq, and the countries bordering the Persian Gulf.

Of course, you do not need to travel to pistachio production provinces to buy pistachios in bulk.
Due to the growth of technology, online wholesales of agricultural products in bulk are also booming.
Artin Dried Fruit Trading Company is one of the complexes that during its years of experience in this field has been able to create many advantages for traders and exporters of pistachios.
One of these advantages is the reduction of the cost price of the products. It’s due to the reduction of the side costs of the Artin collection.

For consultation, purchase, receiving prices of products, and exports of pistachios, especially Akbari pistachios, you can contact the consultants of Artin Trading Company and producers with a simple contact.

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