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Almost every one in this business knows that Iranian pistachio has the best quality and taste. many types of this nut and other types of kernels are available here.

Here we tell you where to buy Iranian Pistachio Nuts and Kernels in bulk and packaged.

These are Iranian Pistachios Types:

  • Akbari (Super Long Pistachios)
  • Ahmadaghaee (Long Pistachios)
  • Fandoghi (Round Pistachios)
  • Kalleghouchi (Jumbo Pistachios)

Also we have these types of kernels in Iran:

  • Purple Skin Kernels
  • Close-Mouth Pistachio Kernels
  • Green Kernels
  • Halved and chopped kernels
  • Small Kernels
  • and many other types

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