Artin Green Powder Price | Iranian Nuts & Dried Fruits

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Artin Green Powder Price | Iranian Nuts & Dried Fruits

Artin Green Powder Price depends on your choice of quality. The Artin company produces various Iranian nuts and dried fruits in bulk.

If you are looking for bulk purchase and price of high-quality green pistachio powder, you can contact the sales department of Artin Pistachio Company.
This company specializes in the production of pistachio kernels and pistachio powder.

Pistachio powder is one of the most widely in-use products that in addition to the domestic market of Iran, the demand for it in various international markets is very high.

Given that pistachios are available in different provinces of Iran, companies producing pistachio kernels and powder are also operating in these provinces.
The largest production of pistachios in Iran is in the provinces of Kerman, Khorasan Razavi, Yazd, Qazvin, and Semnan.

Green Pistachio Powder Uses

Pistachio powder is one of the most widely in-use and important pistachio products.
Pistachio powder due to its characteristics and beautiful color is able to decorate various Iranian and foreign foods.
Also, pistachio powder can be in-use to decorate sweets and ice creams or even souvenirs of different cities.

Of course, the applications of pistachio powder are not only for the production of sweets and ice cream but also pistachio powder is in use in the production of products such as Lokum, Halva, cakes, concoctions, Nougat, Sohan, and even chocolate.
For this reason, this product is also in use for export to different countries.
In the next section, we have more information about the countries that import Iranian pistachio powder.

Please notice that the Artin green pistachio powder price depends on the quality and features of the products. And the quality should be suitable for the use of the powder.
Therefore, the Artin green pistachio powder depends on your use of this product.

Buyers of Iranian High-Quality Green Pistachio Powder

As mentioned, Iranian pistachio powder has many uses. Therefore, this valuable product is available in many countries.
These countries include Switzerland, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, India, Australia, and Canada.
Of course, our goal in naming these countries is to repeat the names of the countries that have put the bulk purchase of Iranian pistachio powder in their import basket.

But on the other hand, there are countries that buy these products in much smaller volumes.
In this regard, various producers are engaged in processing and producing high-quality pistachio powder.
These manufacturers produce pistachio powder in two ways.

  • The first method is to produce pistachio powder from pistachios that have been damaged during operations such as pistachio kernels or slicing.
  • The second method of production is the production of pistachio powder from high-quality pistachios that these pistachios have a green and beautiful color and for this reason, have been selected to produce such products.

Artin Green Pistachio Powder Price

The price of pistachio powder and its quality is dependent on parameters.
One of these parameters is the beautiful green color of pistachio powder.
Of course, we have to point out a very important point here. The price of pistachio powder due to its high export is highly dependent on the exchange rate of foreign currencies.
Due to the fluctuations of the dollar exchange rate to IRR in recent years, we are witnessing many fluctuations in the export product market. Pistachio powder is no exception and the price of pistachio powder flactuates a lot.

According to these points, we must have the daily price of our desired product in hand. Artin Iranian Nuts and Dried Fruits Company is also one of the collections that sells and exports pistachios and its products such as pistachio powder.
Due to its structure and online wholesales of products, this collection is able to provide many benefits. Obviously, the main benefits include reducing the cost of products for traders.

In fact, you can contact the consultants of the Artin Company and the manufacturer of the product with one contact. Due to this, you will no longer have to deal with problems such as not finding the main producers in the cities.

You can contact the consultants of Artin Company. You can make contact for consultation, purchase, export, import, and receiving the current price of the products. Artin Company consultants will help you with a convenient and fast purchase.

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