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Artin Pistachios Company and Factory is the producer and supplier of Iranian pistachio nuts and kernels in different varieties.

Do you know what are the products of Artin Company?

  • Artin Pistachio Nuts:
    • Ahmadaghaee, Akbari and Badami pistachios: Long Varieties
    • Kalleghouchi Pistachios: Jumbo Variety
    • Fandoghi Pistachios: Round Variety
  • Artin Pistachio Kernels:
    • Purple Skin Pistachio Kernels
    • Green Pistachio Kernels (Not Peeled)
    • Green Pistachio Kernels (Peeled)
    • Granulated and Halved Pistachio Kernels
    • Pistachio Green Powder
  • Artin Dried Fruits:
    • Dried Red-Seedless Barberries
    • Dried Jujube Fruits

All of these products are available in the Artin pistachios company.

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Pistachio Wholesale Website | Artin Iranian Pistachios Exporter

Pistachio Wholesale Website | Artin Iranian Pistachios Exporter

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