Artin Iranian Zereshk Producer and Exporter

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Artin Iranian Zereshk

Artin Iranian Zereshk Producer and Exporter

Artin Company located in Iran producing pistachio nuts and kernels and also red barberries. Artin is known as an Iranian Zereshk exporter and producer.

The Artin barberry production company is known as one of the activists in the field of sales and export of Iranian barberry.
The production workshops of this complex are operating in South Khorasan province as the center of barberry production.

The Artin factory produces all types of Iranian Zereshk in two main bases:

  • Organic Barberries (Without no pesticides)
  • Regular (Not Organic) Berberis Vulgaris Fruit

Introduction to Artin Zereshk Co.

Artin Zereshk Co.

Artin production company has been planting and processing barberry for many years.
But before 2015, the main focus of this collection was only on the sale of barberry in the Iranian market.

After 2015, due to the familiarity of the people of the world with Iranian edible red Zereshk, its export began.
In the meantime, various groups started marketing and presenting their products in international markets.

One of the companies active in this field is the Artin Barberry Collection, which has been exporting this product since the very beginning.
Of course, in the early years, it took some time to know the exact markets and their needs. But now the best products are sending to customers according to the needs of the target country.

In the research and development unit of this company, a lot of research is doing on various types of bulk and small packages of barberry.
Excellent feedback has been received from the target markets, especially in bulk carton packaging.

One of the most important innovations of Artin Barberry Collection is the use of cloth bags for the first time in the export of barberry from Iran to international markets.

In addition, observing health tips to provide healthy products is on the agenda of this collection.

Physicochemical and microbiological analysis of barberry is of great importance to the buyers of Artin Iranian Zereshk.

Artin Iranian Zereshk Varieties

Artin Iranian Zereshk

As you are aware, Iranian red barberry produces in South Khorasan province.
In other words, the center of Iranian barberry production is Qa’en and Birjand cities in the south of Khorasan province.

It is noteworthy that there is only one type of shrub in this area. But the question that arises is why different types of barberry are selling in the market?

To answer this question, we must refer to the drying and processing procedure of the barberry product.
In South Khorasan province, various methods have long been used for drying and processing barberry.
Some of which have changed over time.
Barberry is selling in the market with various types because of this various drying procedures.

The most important types of barberry that are well known in the market and are produced in large volumes are:

Barberry pomegranate seeds (Persian Pofaki Zereshk)
Barberry puffy (Persian Pofaki Zereshk)

Of course, other types of these products produce in different parts of the province, but its volume is not significant.

Artin Organic and Healthy Berberis Vulgaris Fruits

Artin Berberis Vulgaris Fruits

One of the very good markets for Iranian barberry is countries that buy healthy and organic products.
Germany, France, Italy, and many other countries want to buy organic Iranian barberry.
Barberry shrub is very hardy and until a few years ago, most farmers in South Khorasan province did not use any pesticides.

However, due to climatic stresses as well as pests of other orchards, this product also suffers from pests in some areas.
For this reason, some farmers spray their trees in the spring.

But there are still knowledgeable and hard-working farmers who produce and market their products without pesticides.

By doing so, they have been able to offer their products at a higher price in world markets and create more currency for the country.

In the Artin barberry production complex, in a certain volume during the year, all kinds of organic puffy barberry provide to customers.

Dried Barberries Wholesale for Export/Import

Dried Barberries Wholesale

Barberry Artin Production Company makes every effort to send high-quality and first-class products to its customers.

On the other hand, sending and selling products directly cause the product to reach the final consumers at more reasonable prices.
Direct sales of barberry in this company, in addition to domestic markets, also includes export markets.

In such a way that all stages of barberry export from the time of production, packaging, customs, and transportation are doing by the commercial unit of this company.
In this way, customers can easily buy their product and receive their barberry at the best time in the country or destination city.

Barberry prices fluctuate in some periods of time, so it is not possible to place them on the website.
But you can contact the sales department right now and get the daily prices of barberry varieties from our experts.

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