Iranian Organic Barberries | Berberis Vulgaris Wholesale

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Iranian Organic Barberries

Iranian Organic Barberries | Berberis Vulgaris Wholesale

Artin Barberry Co. in Iran is producing Iranian organic barberries with no pesticides. Persian red Berberis Vulgaris (BERBERITZEN) exports to Germany and France at most.

Artin Barberry Company is known as the exporter of organic barberry in the market.
One of the main markets for the export and sale of organic barberry is Germany and the other is France.

The price of barberry in these markets is determined by the number of toxins left.

Iranian Organic Barberries (Berberitzen)

Iranian Organic Barberries

First, we need to know what is organic barberry, and what is healthy barberry?
To answer this question, the amount and minimum of toxins in orchards should measure.

These percentages are different for different pesticides, but barberries that have a majority of no more than 0.05 mg/kg call healthy barberry.
And barberries that their test results are more than 0.05 mg/kg are in the category of unhealthy barberry.

But in the case of organic barberries, none of the known pesticides should be more than 0.01 mg/kg. Barberries that have this property are known as organic barberry.

In different European countries, between 450 and 800 types of toxins and pesticides are tested during barberry testing, but unfortunately, Iranian laboratories have not been able to identify more than 400 types of toxins so far.

For this reason, most activists in this field send their product to German or French laboratories for testing after sampling.

Organic Berberis Vulgaris Production in Iran

Organic Berberis Vulgaris

Iran is the largest producer and exporter of organic and regular barberries.
Iranian barberry is red in color and its main characteristic is seedless.

Most of the area under barberry cultivation is located in eastern Iran.
South Khorasan province is the largest center for the production of red barberry, including puffy barberries, pomegranate type, and etc. in the market.

The Ghaenat and Birjand cities in Iran have the highest amount of Persian Zereshk production every year.
Unfortunately, due to a large number of pests in some areas, farmers use different pesticides in the spring.
Fortunately, there are hard-working farmers who do not use any pesticides or inorganic fertilizers.
These farmers either produce and process their products without pesticides or receive special pesticides through organic barberry exporting companies.

Groups that export organic barberry in the South Khorasan region provide organic pesticides to farmers.
Of course, in recent years, more farmers are trying to produce healthy and organic barberry, which is a good omen for the coming years of Iranian barberry exports.

The most important pesticides that are important in the European market, especially in Germany, are:

  • Acetamiprid
  • Chlorpyrifos
  • Clothianidin
  • Imidacloprid

Chlorpyrifos toxin is abundant in Iranian barberry products and should be studied carefully.

Iranian Organic Barberries Exporter and Supplier

Iranian Organic Barberries

Not all the producers of Persian Zereshk are known as exporters of organic barberry in Khorasan province.
Most of these exporters sell organic and healthy barberry only through annual contracts.

The main reason for this is to perform product processing in a completely hygienic and clean environment.
Since some of the barberry processing steps are doing manually, companies should monitor the health of the environment and staff.
Therefore, processing and preparation of the product require more time.

Artin Barberry Production Company, which has been exporting barberry for a long time, is one of the suppliers of Iranian organic barberry in the European market.

France and Germany are the main buyers of organic and healthy barberry in Iran.
This company provides barberry to customers by testing and analyzing the remaining pesticides, and all these tests are performing outside of Iran.

This barberry company is ready to sign a contract to sell organic barberry throughout the year.
For more details, you can contact the sales or management unit of this company.

Click the image below to call us:

Click the below image for making direct contact with Artin Barberry Production Company directly:

Organic Barberry Price for Germany and France

Organic Barberry Price

The selling price of organic barberry in the German market is very different from that of unhealthy barberry.

Because German health organizations are very sensitive to imported products; On the other hand, stores supplying healthy products are willing to pay more to buy healthy barberry.

The difference between the prices of healthy and unhealthy barberry in the German and French markets is significant.

For this reason, most activists in this field distribute products that their pesticide residue has been tested and approved at very good prices in the markets of these countries.

The desire of the people of these countries to use healthy products increases this level of sensitivity.
But the main issue is to have healthy and organic products. Which should be ready by experts of products in orchards and then correctly process.

When is the best time to buy organic barberry fruits from Iran?

buy organic barberry

Most companies selling and exporting Iranian organic and healthy barberries prepare and process their products in accordance with pre-concluded contracts.

The main reason for this is that at the beginning of the season and when the barberries are drying, sampling and testing of crops should begin.
In fact, the producers of organic barberries need to do some different procedures in one year to prepare its own organic products at the harvest season

In other words, barberry exporting companies receive the pesticide residue test for barberry orchards under supervision from European approved laboratories every year.

Since this process is time-consuming, most Iranian organic barberries production units offer their products in the form of pre-arranged contracts.

So the best time to buy organic barberry is at the beginning of the barberry harvest season, based on annual or pre-determined contracts.

For example, your company needs 50 tons of healthy barberry during the year, you can get your desired product on specific dates during the year by concluding a specific contract with one of the companies active in this field.

To receive advice in this area, you can contact the sales and trade unit of the Artin Barberry Production Company.

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