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Badami Pistachios for Pakistan

Badami Pistachios for Pakistan | Iranian Nuts Exporters

Which type of Iranian pistachio nuts is the best for importing to Pakistan? Pistachio exporters believe that Badami pistachios for Pakistan are the best.

The supply of Iranian open-mouth pistachios in different types of Badami, Fandoghi, and Ahmad Aghaei in the Pakistani market has a significant volume.
Pakistani traders often go to Khorasan province to buy pistachios.

Badami pistachio is one of the main options for Pakistani buyers.

Iranian Badami Pistachio Production

Iranian Badami Pistachio

Badami pistachio nut is one of the types of Iranian pistachios in the long category.
Other pistachios that are in this category are Akbari and Ahmad Aghaei pistachios.

Kerman and Khorasan provinces are the largest producers of pistachios in Iran.
But each type of pistachio is found in abundance in certain areas. In other words, it is more compatible with the soil and climate of that area.
Regarding Ahmad Aghaei pistachio, we can mention Rafsanjan and in relation to Koleghoochi pistachio, we can mention Sabzevar in Khorasan Razavi province.

The main center of Badami pistachio production in Iran is the city of Mahvalat, the center of Faizabad.
In this city, Badami white pistachios produce in large quantities by farmers.
This pistachio is smaller than other pistachios in the long category and its usual sizes are 28-30 and 32-30.

Artin Open-Mouth Pistachios

Artin Open-Mouth Pistachios

Artin Pistachio Production Company is one of the suppliers of export-quality pistachios in Khorasan Razavi province.
The supply of open-mouth pistachios in high volume in the following different types is done throughout the year by this collection:

  1. Badami
  2. Fandoghi
  3. Ahmad Aghaei
  4. Kalleghouchi
  5. Akbari

Badami pistachio producers offer this product in bulk in different sizes with different qualities.
The commercial office of Artin Co. is active in the holy city of Mashhad and all customs affairs in Mashhad, Kerman, and Bandar Abbas are done by the clearance workers of this complex.

Pistachio harvest season starts every year in Khorasan province from the beginning of September.

First, Badami pistachios and then Fandoghi pistachios, Ahmad Aghaei and Koleghoochi are ready to harvest and enter the drying process.
The main center for buying Badami pistachios in Iran is Khorasan Razavi province, and in particular, we can mention the terminals and wholesalers in the city of Faizabad.
Note: Here, “TERMINAL” means the fresh pistachio recording factory that peel, dry, and sort fresh pistachios. Pistachio recording terminals in Khorasan are the best place if you want to find Badami pistachios for Pakistan.

For more information on the sale and supply of smiling (Open-Mouth) pistachios in export markets, you can contact the commercial unit of Artin Company.

Exporting/Importing Badami Pistachios to Pakistan

Badami Pistachios for Pakistan

One of the international markets for Iranian pistachios, especially Badami and Ahmad Aghaei pistachios, is Pakistan.
In fact, Pakistani buyers tend to buy open-mouth pistachios, which, given the price range, they prefer to buy Ahmad Aghaei and Badami pistachios.

Ahmad Aghaei pistachio is also produced in large quantities in Khorasan Razavi province, especially in Neishabour city.
Many farmers of Rafsanjan, have been building gardens and transplanting trees in Neishabour for several years.
Predictions indicate that Ahmad Aghaei pistachios of this region will have a good taste and appearance.

A large volume of Badami and Ahmad Aghaei pistachio exports to Pakistan through Khorasan Razavi province.
The main route for sending pistachios from Iran to Pakistan (Islamabad) is through the Mirjavah mini border.

Before that, of course, all customs matters and formalities, as well as the necessary certificates must be obtained from the relevant organizations.
Generally, the Artin pistachios company performs all the customs formalities and procedures in the shortest possible time for its customers.

Open-Mouth Pistachios Wholesale for Pakistan

Pistachios Wholesale for Pakistan

Obviously, The supply price of Open-Mouth pistachios in export markets is always one of the challenges for buyers and sellers.
Because the unit sales price of pistachios, in high purchase volume can bring good profits to both parties.

For this reason, buyers are always looking to connect with individuals and companies that are in direct contact with farmers.
In this way, Buyers can buy and sell the pistachios at a better price and both parties can benefit enough.

As explained in the previous sections, the best option for buying Badami pistachios is to contact the sellers of the Mehwalat region of Khorasan Razavi.
Regarding Ahmad Aghaei pistachios, the main purchase options for export pistachios are Rafsanjan, Kerman, and Neishabour in Khorasan.

For information on the daily price of various types of exported pistachios, as well as to receive pictures and samples, you can contact the Artin sales unit now.

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