Best Iranian Pistachios for Import | Where is Your Target Market?

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Best Iranian Pistachios for Import | Where is Your Target Market?

Best Iranian Pistachios for Import | Where is Your Target Market?

If you are searching for the best Iranian pistachios for import, you need to know more about all varieties suitable for your target market.

What kind of pistachio is more suitable for import and export markets among the Iranian products?
What should be considered to buy the best export-quality pistachios in bulk? Do you know the best offer and option?

Different types of pistachios are available in Iran, all of which are in use both for export and for the domestic market; Maybe there are many types of pistachios and their products that are only in use for export. This is due to their lower quality than domestic nuts, or expensive and luxury products that are very difficult to sell in the Iranian domestic market. Therefore, merchants buy it for export/import to other countries.

Best Iranian Pistachios for Import

Best Iranian Pistachios for Import

Among the types of pistachios, the best type that can be for the export market of the target country is determined based on parameters such as the country’s history in buying pistachios, taste, and financial capacity of the target market, final prices, and health standards.

For example, Germany and most European countries require valid certificates regarding the health of the product. Aflatoxin certificate is one of the most important of them. Size and the appearance of the products are the next parameters.
In fact, after ensuring that the product is aflatoxin-free, the type, size, and packaging are the next important items to discuss.

But for countries such as Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan, the price of pistachios is more important than anything. Because in these markets, low-price pistachios and Class B are often available.
But in addition to these products, first-class pistachios also enter these countries.

In fact, with full attention to the target country and the market of the buyer of this product, you should buy pistachios of different types and different qualities.
In this regard, if you have not yet started your imports to the destination country, be sure to use the free consultation of Artin company:

Export Quality Pistachio Varieties

Export Quality Pistachio Varieties

The main provinces producing and exporting pistachios in Iran are two provinces that have the highest area under pistachio cultivation:

  1. At first, Kerman
  2. And second, Khorasan Razavi

In these two provinces, several pistachio recording terminals process and dry pistachios at the beginning of the season. Cracking workshops and various processing and packaging factories are also operating in these parts of the country.

In recent years, due to drought and soil weakening in Kerman province, many farmers have migrated to Khorasan province to establish pistachio orchards with strong connections from Kerman province.
This happened about 10 years ago and has shown itself today. So that some pistachio products in Khorasan province are better in terms of quality than similar cases in Kerman.

This issue causes Iranian pistachio traders and buyers to think of another option, namely Khorasan pistachio, along with Kerman province. Khorasan pistachio is very good for the eastern and northern neighboring countries of Iran. It’s because its high-cost transportation costs will be very affordable; Countries such as Pakistan, Kazakhstan, and Russia are the main buyers of pistachios in Khorasan Razavi province.

The most important types of pistachios available in these regions of the country that can be in different qualities are as follows:

Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio / Fandoghi Pistachio / Akbari Pistachio / Badami Pistachio / Kaleghouchi Pistachio

Other types are also available in these areas, the volume of production of which is not as large as the above items. In fact, the above items are the best Iranian pistachios that you see in import and export markets.

Purchasing Iranian Pistachios for Import

Purchasing Iranian Pistachios for Import

As mentioned, the number of pistachio factories in the producing provinces is very large. Therefore, you should contact these companies according to the product you need.

Some factories are active in the production of pistachio kernels and slices. Others are active in the production of pistachio paste and butter.

A number of producers specialize in the production of MO (Mechanical Open) pistachios. They offer their products in various export markets. In fact, there are various companies that are importing Iranian MO pistachio nuts.
Specialization is one of the great advantages that make buyers order the product with more confidence and buy it in bulk.

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