Best Red Berberis Vulgaris Fruit in Iran for Wholesale

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Best Red Berberis Vulgaris Fruit in Iran for Wholesale

Best red Berberis Vulgaris fruit is available in Iran. Its name is Zereshk in Iranian wholesale markets. But, Where to buy it in bulk?

Khorasan is the center of Red and Seedless barberry. In fact, it’s the only place that you can find real “Red Berberis Vulgaris Edible Fruit”.
Export-quality barberry with its unique taste and quality attracts many fans from all over the world every year.

According to a recent report by the South Khorasan Agricultural Jihad website, the province’s red barberry is in use for export to about 30 countries, including Italy, Germany, Canada, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the United States, Australia, Austria, Japan, and many other countries.

Red Berberis Vulgaris Production Center

Iranian barberry is a very unique species that is different from other species. It is mostly available in South Khorasan or Ghohestan region. In fact, we can call this product a dried fruit because it has various uses.
It is in use for the production of delicious jam, perfect juice, and wonderful candies.

Iranian barberry cluster first turns yellow, then sour in taste and red when ripe, and over time it turns into a wine color.
In addition, the number of factories and processing centers of this product in this region is high, which creates it the main production center of the best red Berberis Vulgaris fruit.

Types of Iranian Berberis Vulgaris Fruit

There are two main varieties of Iranian barberries:

  1. Iranian Anari Zereshk
  2. Iranian Pofaki Zereshk

Also, you might see this name in Iranian barberry markets: “Zereshk Lavashaki”
These are the dark red barberries that are in use for the production of fruit rolls.

The only difference between these types of Berberis Vulgaris dried fruits is how to dry them.
ANARI barberry is dried in direct sunlight.

Puffy barberries are placed in barberry for drying and with proper blowing, the drying process is done. In which the puff of barberries is preserved. Therefore, Anari barberry is ready for the market earlier than puffy barberry.

If we want to divide them according to the amount of demand for each type of barberry, Anari and Pofaki are in the first priority, followed by “Zereshk Lavashaki”.

Puffy (Pofaki) barberries have a higher quality due to features such as less crushing and lighter color. In return, their price is higher.
Countries importing Iranian barberry mostly want puffy barberry and the demand for this type of barberry is higher.

Of course, you should pay attention to the fact that each type of barberry is also divided in terms of quality, and among these divisions, barberry, which has a normal quality, is a more suitable option, because it is almost always available.

High-Quality Red Barberry for Export

One of the biggest problems that our country’s exporters face every year is that exports can not be done with a specific rhythm or predictable trend.
The price of barberry, like other agricultural products, is constantly changing. And exporters and buyers are constantly facing price changes.
Red barberry is an export product whose benefits have received more attention in recent years.

Fortunately, the volume of production in Iran is so large that not only it can enter the field of export, but also be very colorful in this field.
As you know, part of Iran’s income comes from the export of various items and goods around the world.
Most Iranian red barberry is in use for export in bulk, while its packaging has more value and our producers receive more profit from exports.

Another important issue in export is to deliver the product with the same quality without changing the export route.
As far as possible, it is better to shorten the route and delivery time. For example, if the export volume is low, the best method is to send by air or to send it with reefer containers.

Artin Barberry Company is a group that is very active in the field of barberry product export and has a lot of experience.
If you are willing to receive advice and more information, you can contact Artin Company consultants.

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