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Iranian Zereshk is the Persian name of European Berberis Vulgaris. Many Iranian companies export berberis vulgaris directly from Iran to other countries.

  • Light Red Color
  • Low percentage of foreign materials
  • Low moisture content
  • No pesticide residual

These are some features of a good barberry to export.

Organic Berberis Vulgaris Fruit

Organic Berberis Vulgaris Fruit Production for Export/Import

Organic Berberis Vulgaris fruit has a good market in European countries. Iranian organic barberry production for export/import.The subject of this article is the production of high-quality organic Berberis Vulgaris...

Iranian Organic Barberries

Iranian Organic Barberries | Berberis Vulgaris Wholesale

Artin Barberry Co. in Iran is producing Iranian organic barberries with no pesticides. Persian red Berberis Vulgaris (BERBERITZEN) exports to Germany and France at most.Artin Barberry Company is known...