Bulk Dried Jujube Fruits | Iranian Ziziphus Jujuba

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Bulk Dried Jujube Fruits

Bulk Dried Jujube Fruits | Iranian Ziziphus Jujuba

Bulk dried jujube fruits wholesale and production centers are Iran, China, and Russia. Iranian Ziziphus Jujuba fruit is a bit different by taste.

A High-quality and first-class jujube’s shopping center is in the south of Khorasan province of Iran.
Iranian Ziziphus jujuba producers export dried high-quality and red jujube fruits from production units and orchards to the domestic and international markets.

In this region, in addition to jujube, two products of saffron and barberry are also available. And the farmers of this region of Iran produce these products professionally.

There are many buyers that purchase bulk dried jujube fruits for different purposes.

Artin High-Quality Jujube Shopping Center

Artin High-Quality Jujube

As you are aware, the center of planting and production of Iranian jujube is in South Khorasan province.
Various companies in this province are in the business of wholesale and export of bulk dried jujube fruits.
One of the companies that are active in the field of wholesale of dried jujube fruits in bulk is Artin Dried Fruits Company.

In this company, jujube is available in different codes and is offering in the market throughout the year.
The highest volume of jujube sales is related to the cold seasons of the year.
This product is using to treat various diseases, especially in the field of flu and colds.

In the Artin Jujube Center, jujube is available in 5 snack size codes and 2 medicinal size codes.
Medicinal or small size jujube is suitable for powdering and mill, which we will explain more in the following sections.

Iranian Jujube Orchards

Iranian Jujube Orchards

The main gathering and center of jujube orchards are in the South Khorasan province of Iran.
Different plains and areas in this province are under jujube cultivation on a large scale.

Most jujube production centers are in the following regions:

  • QA’EN

All these regions produce Iranian red jujube fruits with superior quality.

The jujube tree is very tall, but researchers in this field have found that if the height does not exceed 8 meters, the quality of the products is better.
But trees that are higher than this amount, the tree spends energy for the whole tree and weakens the fruits.

Jujube is one of the products that need pesticides because the jujube tree suffers from many pests in this region of the country.
But spraying must have a principle and in a certain time so that the product does not lose its health.

Classification of Snack and Medicinal Size Artin Jujube Fruits

Artin Jujube Fruits

In the Artin company, jujubes are in different categories according to their size and color.
Of course, there are other criteria for determining the quality of jujube, the most important of which are:

Jujubes size | Jujube color | The Wrinkles | Pests | Packaging

All these factors are effective in determining the quality as well as the price of jujube.
In the Artin jujube production company, jujube is available in 7 codes.

  • 5 codes of these products are bigger sizes that we call them “Snack Size” in the Artin company.
    These jujubes have fewer wrinkles and are using raw. Selling these jujubes in nut stores and spice shops is common.
  • 2 jujube codes are jujubes suitable for mill and powder. we call them “Medicinal Size” in the Artin company.
    These jujubes are mostly using in spice shops and pharmaceutical companies.
    The most important feature of medicinal jujube is its small size and the high percentage of wrinkles.

Bulk Dried Jujube Fruits – Snack Size

Bulk Dried Jujube Fruits

The price of jujube, as mentioned in the previous sections, depends on various parameters.
After reviewing the criteria about the quality of jujube, the supply and demand in the market should be under consideration.
In some periods of time, especially the cold season of the year, the demand for jujube increases.

You can make direct contact with the Artin jujube company directly by clicking on the image below to call:

Or you can message us directly on WhatsApp:

To view the photos of each of the Artin dried jujube codes, you can contact the experts of this company.
There are several ways to communicate with this unit.

Bulk Dried Jujube Fruits – Medicinal Size

Bulk Dried Jujube Fruits

Small jujubes, known as medicinal jujubes or powdering-jujube, have their own market.
These jujubes usually come out of the smallest sieve tray and it is not possible to place them inside the snack size jujube category.

But these products are also in use a lot, the most important of which is their use in herbal brews.
Or the jujube powder is using to produce various products such as jujube cubes, chocolate and etc.

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