Bulk Pistachios in Russia | Iranian Pistachio Wholesale

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Bulk Pistachios in Russia | Iranian Pistachio Wholesale

The Artin company supplies bulk pistachios in Russia and Iraq. Which pistachio nuts are available in the Iranian pistachio wholesale market?

Pistachio is one of the Iranian products that are mainly in use for export/import to Russia.
Low-price varieties of Fandoghi, Ahmad Aghaei, and Badami have many buyers in the Russian market.
Russia is one of the countries that buy a large number of Iranian nuts and the main shipping route is from Anzali port.

After entering Russia from Astrakhan port, the route to the destination customs will not take that time.

In the following, we will provide you with more details about the export of Iranian pistachios to Russia and other Commonwealth countries, including Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Pistachios for Russia and Ukraine

To export/import pistachios to the Russian market, you must carefully choose the type of pistachio, its size, and packaging. Because the market for pistachios in Russia is very wide and various products are in demand in this market.

But the largest volume of orders is for low-price pistachios, and first-class pistachios are often available in very low volumes along with other products.

In this article, we try to talk more about the export of mechanical-open pistachios to Russia.

At the harvest time, there are many pistachio nuts that are still closed-mouth and not open. This is because the pistachio kernel has not grown enough to leave the pistachio skin. For this reason, the whole shell is close.

Now one way to use these close pistachios is to make them open mechanically after harvesting. Pistachio produced by this method is called mechanical open pistachio (MO) and is in use for export/import markets.

This type of pistachio is available both raw and salty with a high percentage of salt to CIS countries. Raw packages are often in a 50 kg sack. But salty pistachios are available in 10 kg cartons.

The choice of packaging type, roasting type, and product quality should be exactly according to the needs of the target market. Regarding the choice of pistachio type, you can also receive the necessary information from the free consultation of the sales department of the Artin pistachio production company.

Iranian Pistachio Major and Bulk Sale Center

One of the major pistachio-producing provinces in Iran is Khorasan province, which is the largest Iranian pistachio production center after Kerman.

In this province, Fandoghi, Badami, and Ahmad Aghaei pistachios are cultivated professionally and at a very high level. Different regions of Khorasan province are producing pistachios and many pistachio recording terminals are processing these products during the pistachio harvest season.

Khorasan Razavi pistachio is in compete with Kerman province pistachios in terms of quality and price.
Various companies in this province are active in the production, processing, and packaging of various types of export-quality pistachios. Artin is one of the companies active in this field, which specializes in the production of MO pistachios. Also, this company widely produces various types of pistachio kernels for export from Iran. Which delivers its products directly to the destination country or in the form of FOB and CIF in different ports of Iran and other countries.

Prices of Bulk MO pistachios for Russia

There are different ways to send pistachios from Iran to Russia. One of the main and busiest routes is the Iranian port of Anzali or Astara to the Russian port of Astrakhan. The export cargo goes through the Caspian Sea and its duration is very short.

Another route is by rail through Kazakhstan. If the facilities are available, it will be much more economical to clear the products in Kazakhstan and send them to Russia after customs payment.

Note: Kazakhstan and Russia are Commonwealth countries and goods cleared in each of these countries can be transferred between the two countries without re-customs duty.

The choice of the delivery route and method depends on the volume of the products. This is because wagons have minimum acceptable and affordable quantities for export by rail. Therefore it is not possible to export low volume cargo from this route.

The price of pistachios depends on various parameters. And on the other hand, fluctuations in the exchange rate of the USD to IRR also affect the pistachios’ price. To receive the price list, you can contact the sales department of Artin Pistachio and Pistachio Kernel Company.

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