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Raw and Salted Pistachios Wholesale prices are really lower in Iran. When you buy directly from Iranian pistachio orchard owners you can get best prices.

These are Iranian pistachio products available to purchase in large quantities:

  • Various types of raw pistachio nuts
  • Various taste and flavors of roasted pistachio nuts
  • Different types of pistachio kernels specially green kernels
  • Slivered pistachios in green and luxury types

Chopped Pistachios Wholesale | Iranian Green Pistachio Kernels

Chopped pistachios wholesale for sweets and ice cream is a common and profitable business regarding Iranian green pistachio kernels. Chopped pistachio kernels, also known as granules, have several uses. Granulated...

Pistachio Wholesale Website | Artin Iranian Pistachios Exporter

Pistachio Wholesale Website | Artin Iranian Pistachios Exporter

The Artin pistachio wholesale website is a different B2B website working on exporting/importing Iranian pistachios. Artin is an exporter. There are many Iranian exporters that are exporting Iranian pistachio...