Buy Bulk Slivered Pistachio | Iranian Green Kernels

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Buy Bulk Slivered Pistachio | Iranian Green Kernels

You can buy bulk slivered pistachio from Iradirectly. You just need to find a good Iranian green pistachio kernels supplier and exporter.

Bulk purchase of pistachio slices and slivers in Iran in bulk is common for importers. In fact, when you are purchasing bulk pistachio from a producer directly, you will have more affordable prices and higher qualities.

Mashhad is one of the cities in Iran where many pistachio producers and exporters are active.
In fact, Mashhad is where you can buy bulk slivered pistachio directly. There are many pistachio exporter companies in Mashhad and you only need to check which of them are producing pistachio slivers and slices.

Some Points to Check When Buying Slivered Pistachio

The green pistachio kernels to use for the production of green slices and slivers are mostly available in Qazvin province. Therefore, most of the slivers of high quality, even if you purchase them from Mashhad or other cities, are the product of Qazvin pistachios.

This valuable pistachio product has a relatively high price in the domestic market of Iran. Therefore, this is a challenge in the market of this product. And you need to find affordable and competitive prices.

The reason for the increase in the purchase price of this product is the existence of brokers who are operating in major cities such as Mashhad and Tehran. This alone leads to unrealistic price increases.
Of course, Artin dried fruit production and trading group has directly solved this problem by supplying major types of pistachio slices.

Another important point in buying pistachio slices is the quality of the product. There are various parameters to check and control the quality but here are some of the most important ones:

  • At first, the green color of pistachio slices and slivers is important
  • Secondly, the long shape of the product makes a betters appearance
  • Also, the uniform size and shape of slivers are important as well.

When someone wants to buy bulk slivered pistachio, it means that the quality should be controlled at the time of purchase or you need to purchase from a trustworthy and reliable supplier and exporter.

Pistachio Products Export/Import from Iran

There are different types of pistachio slices. Now the question is what parameters are generally necessary for bulk purchase of pistachio slices and their export.
Below we will refer to some of these parameters.

  • The green color of slices and slivers
  • The long shape of the products
  • Fat percentage in pistachios
  • The amount of broken or crushed pistachio slices (should be very low)
  • Product packaging
  • Freshness and taste of pistachio slices

But more important than these points is to pay attention to the target market in the destination country.
For example, countries such as the Persian Gulf countries consider the best pistachio slices. Or for European countries, you should use the best and highest quality pistachio slices.
On the other hand, many countries buy bulk cheaper pistachios. These countries include Russia, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Of course, this does not mean that only low-price pistachios are available in these countries. Rather, most of the shipments to these countries are the ordinary quality of pistachios.

How to Buy Artin Slivered Pistachio in Bulk?

You may be wondering how you can place your order in the Artin company. After thoroughly reviewing information such as the following information, share them with the collection consultants.

  • The type of pistachio slice desired
  • Purchase volume
  • Package type
  • Quality of pistachio slices
  • Destination city or country

By sharing this information, you can receive the price of the desired product. After receiving the price, you can buy and even export them.
Due to high exports, the price of pistachio products depends on the exchange rate of USD to IRR. That is why it is recommended to have the daily price of your desired product because there are many fluctuations in the market.

Artin company is one of the factories that sells and exports pistachios and its products. The consultants of this company answer your request for any information.

For consultation, purchase or export of various pistachio products, especially pistachio slices, you can contact the consultants of Artin collection.

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