Buy Pistachios Online Nuts Kernels Bulk Wholesale

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Buy Pistachios Online

Buy Pistachios Online Nuts Kernels Bulk Wholesale

Where can I find the official wholesale website of pistachio exporters? Is it possible to buy pistachios online in large amount in bulk and in various types of nuts and kernels?

As you may know, Iran is one of the five largest pistachio producers in the world.
The more the time passes, the more online shops starts working. Many of these shops working on Nuts and Dried Fruits.
The point is that there are not so many websites working specially on selling or buy pistachios online.
Artinnuts Website is doing this for you, You can order online for large quantities of pistachio nuts and kernels.
As a matter of fact, Artinntus is the producer, manufacturer, supplier and exporter that works on pistachios wholesale business.
Pistachios are grown in different parts of Iran, depending on the climate and soil quality.
Pistachio varieties produces in different quality grades.

Kerman, Khorasan, Semnan and Yazd provinces have the highest volume of pistachio production.

For a long time, the main center of pistachio production in Iran was Kerman province.
But due to the droughts of the 1990s to 2000s as well as soil poverty in Kerman province, we saw the transfer of pistachios to other provinces.
In the next few years, Khorasan province will become a pistachio production hub.
The reason for this claim is the presence of many farmers in Kerman to start orchards in different areas of Khorasan province.

Iranian Pistachios Types and Varieties

Iranian Pistachios Varieties

As mentioned above, Iranian pistachio is grown in different regions and in some areas one type of pistachio grows very well and in another region a different type of pistachio produces more.

The most important types of pistachio in Iran that is well known in export markets are as follows:

  • Akbari (Super Long Pistachio Type)
  • Ahmadaghaie (Long Pistachio Type)
  • Fandoghi or Ohadi (Round Pistachio Type)
  • Kalleghouchi (Jumbo Pistachio Type)

Of course, there are other varieties, such as Shahpasand, white, etc., but the production volume is not very high.
At present, the main center of Ahmadaghaee production in Kerman is Nough (Located near Rafsanjan city).
Also, The new pole of Kalleghouchi (Jumbo) Pistachios production is north of Khorasan.

Buy Pistachios Online for Export and Import

Buy Pistachios Online

Export market of Iranian Open-Mouth Pistachios varieties are different countries, but each of these countries prefer a particular type of pistachio more than other types. Also, Most of buyers purchase this product Raw and in bulk packaging (Both nuts and kernels).
In addition, some countries have specific rules for the import of pistachios, which makes it more accurate to purchase and export pistachio varieties.

For example, some European countries such as Germany, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom, as well as some Asian countries, including Singapore, are very sensitive to the percentage of pistachio aflatoxin.
For this reason, pistachios must be purchased from reputable and reliable suppliers to avoid serious problems in exporting them.

When you buy pistachios online, there’s some point to check and consider:

  • Check the exact size of your required pistachios with the seller
  • Specify the international shipping method because of their different delivery times
  • Check all the certificates before shipment (One By One)
  • And there are some other points that depends on your target country

For other countries, the aflatoxin level may not be that important.
But the quality, size and packaging of the product is very important for all buyers when you work on pistachios wholesale.

Russia, China, Iraq, Qatar, India, Ukraine and Germany are important export markets for Iranian pistachios.

Online Pistachios Wholesale Website

Online Pistachios Wholesale

One of the sites for the online sale of pistachio nuts and kernels is Artin company website.
Artin Nuts and Kernels Factory has designed this site to introduce itself to its customers
but it never count on website for customers to rely on it, solely. Instead, various domestic and foreign customers attend and come to the office, factory or orchards of Artin company.

We invite you to come and visit our production sites, Orchards and products. We can provide all your requirements in Iran to have your presence beside us.

Buy Pistachios Online

Buy Pistachios Online

With the proliferation and penetration of social networks and the Internet in everyday life, people are increases purchases of shops and suppliers among various merchants.

Artinnuts factory established this website to tell you its services that helps you to buy pistachios online in large quantities without any need of your presence in Iran:


  • We produce pistachio and Process it based on your required quality
  • Packaging products based on your standards and requirements
  • Ship all the products to your target country
  • Also, There are so many oem services

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