Chopped Pistachios (Pistachio Slivers) for Sale

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Chopped Pistachios

Chopped Pistachios (Pistachio Slivers) for Sale

Green Pistachio Kernels and it’s products have high demands in the market. One of these products for sale is Chopped Pistachios or Pistachio Slivers.

Sliced (Chopped) ​​high quality Iranian pistachios mainly sell in the markets of different countries.
Sales of sliced ​​green pistachios are often higher for countries that are active in the field of confectionery production.
Countries such as India, Turkey, Austria, Germany and Canada are major buyers of this product.

Iranian Chopped Pistachios Production

Iranian Chopped Pistachios

Production of pistachio slices and slivers in Iran started in the early 2000 and was growing day by day.
So that the pistachios produces in the current factories send to the market with very high quality.

Chopped ​​pistachios had a high percentage of broken and usually don’t produce uniformly.

But with new industrial methods, we are witnessing the production of first-class and high-quality products in the Iranian pistachio slice and sliver market.
Iranian pistachio slivers mostly produce in the provinces that are the center of pistachio production.
If you want to buy premium chopped pistachios, read the following.

In other words, the largest producers of pistachio slices and slivers are Kerman, Qazvin and Khorasan Razavi provinces.
Each of these provinces is a major producer of pistachios.
Of course, the characteristics of pistachios producing in these provinces are different from each other.

So that pistachios producing in Qazvin province are more suitable for slice production in terms of color and fat percentage.
Of course, in other provinces, pistachios in some areas have good properties that are using to produce slices.

Green Color and uniformity of size are the most important parameters for chopped pistachios quality.

High Quality Chopped Pistachio Characteristics

Chopped Pistachio Characteristics

In order to produce high quality export pistachio slices and slivers, some important parameters in export must be considered.
Because different countries have certain standards that pistachio slices must have those characteristics.
The most important features of high quality pistachio slivers for export:

  • Green color
  • Uniformity of size and shape
  • Fat percentage
  • Amount of humidity
  • Elongation (The longer shape, The higher quality)
  • Percentage of broken and granulated kernels
  • packaging

All of the above are effective in determining the quality and price of pistachio slices and slivers.
Some of these parameters can be seen and measured visually based on the appearance of the product.

But some of these must be tested in food laboratories.
There are countries, especially in the European Union, that want to buy pistachio slices without aflatoxin.

We have to tell you that no company in Iran has a certificate for pistachio slices with standard aflatoxin percentage. So what is the solution?

The main solution is to test each specific part of the load by European approved laboratories in Iran, and then export it.

Chopped Green Pistachio Sale in Bulk

Chopped Green Pistachio Sale

The main selling market of Iranian pistachio slices are mostly confectionery production units.
Pistachio kernels, pistachio slices and pistachio powder are among the raw materials for the production of sweets.

Green pistachio slivers mostly use to decorate a variety of sweets as well as a variety of foods.
The main markets for high quality Iranian pistachios for export are countries that are active in the confectionery and bakery industries.

Or countries that use this product in special celebrations.
The target market for pistachio slices can be found in the following industries:

  • Sweets
  • Turkish Delights (Lokum)
  • Cooking and Bakery
  • A sweet breakfast food in Iran
  • Ice cream

Most of the wholesale of pistachio slivers are by the production units of the above centers.

Daily Price of Pistachio Slivers

Price of Pistachio Slivers

The price of chopped pistachios for sale as one of the most luxurious pistachio products is higher than other products in this field.
Pistachio powder and pistachio kernels are cheaper than chopped ​pistachio kernels.

Quality parameters are the most important and effective factors in determining the daily price of pistachio slices.

In this article, we tell you about quality parameters. These items determine the price of pistachio slices.
But the most important factors in determining the price are the amount of greenness (Color), good taste and uniform shape of pistachio slices.

In addition to all these factors, the amount of supply and demand in the market and the current price of the currency (exchange rate) also affect the daily price of high quality pistachios for export.

Sell/Buy Pistachio Slices and Slivers Directly to/from Producer

Pistachio Slices and Slivers

There are various production units across Iran that can make contact to them to buy chopped pistachios for export.
But some of these workshops and factories professionally produce this valuable product.

Most pistachio slicer production units are in Qazvin, Buin Zahra, Kerman and Mashhad.
In these workshops, both pistachio slices and pistachio slivers mainly produce and presents to the market.

Artin production factory is known as one of the sellers of this product in the Iranian market.
Here you can know more about Artinnuts Factory: “About Us” Page

Artin Chopped Pistachios for Export/Import

Artin Chopped Pistachios

Artin Pistachio Slice factory produces its products according to the order of buyers.
In other words, it takes special measures for customers who are very sensitive about the product health.

For example, for the production of sliced ​​pistachios with permitted aflatoxin, it is possible to disinfect the entire production environment from the beginning of the process and the input pistachio kernels to enter the production line with more control.

These measures and protocols mostly perform for export customers whose destination customs require various cargo analyzes.
In this collection, pistachio slices produce and sell in different qualities for different industries.

To receive the daily price of pistachio slices, you can fill in the forms available on the site so that our colleagues in the sales unit can contact you.
You can also contact this unit through the communication channels available on the website of Artin Commercial Production Complex.

WhatsApp, Telegram, LinkedIn, Wechat: +9891536627103

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