Chopped Pistachios Wholesale | Iranian Green Pistachio Kernels

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Chopped Pistachios Wholesale

Chopped Pistachios Wholesale | Iranian Green Pistachio Kernels

Chopped pistachios wholesale for sweets and ice cream is a common and profitable business regarding Iranian green pistachio kernels.

Chopped pistachio kernels, also known as granules, have several uses.
Granulated pistachio kernels are most in use in the production of sweets and ice cream.
These products are of interest to various production workshops due to their low prices.

Pistachio nuts and kernels production centers are in 2 provinces of Kerman and Khorasan Razavi.
A large number of pistachio kernel producers are active in these centers.

Artin Chopped Pistachios Production

Artin Chopped Pistachios

As you are aware, Khorasan is one of the main producers of Iranian pistachios.
You can find large quantities of pistachios with various qualities in this province.

Some farmers and pistachio producers in Kerman are currently building orchards in different parts of Khorasan.
The main reason for this is the abundance of water and nutrients in the soil.

That all the reasons to produce quality products.
In this regard, many pistachio recording terminals, cracking workshops, processing factories, and wholesalers have started operating in this province.

One of the specialized fields in this province is the production of pistachio kernels.
The Artin Company has been active in this field for many years.
Chopped pistachios production and wholesale is one of the activities of this company.

In the following, we will name the types of pistachio kernels available in this industrial unit for you.
There are various production processes in this unit to produce pistachio kernels.
The main activity is to break the shell of pistachios.

There are two sorting methods for separating wastes and foreign materials from the main products.
The absence of pistachio skin among pistachio kernels is one of the important parameters for confectionery and ice cream production units.
This is also of importance in the chopped pistachios wholesale market and if the product is %100 sorted it means that is of better quality.

Sorting the products based on size is another procedure.
Obviously, there are various companies and buyers that the uniformity of size is important for them.
But with this method, the efficiency goes much higher and saves time.

Chopped Pistachios Wholesale Price

Chopped Pistachios Wholesale

All Artin chopped pistachio kernels are in vacuum packages.
With this method, firstly, the product suffers less damage in transportation and handling.
Secondly, the durability of the product increases due to the lack of contact with ambient air.

The price of the pistachio kernel is dependent on various parameters.
In the Artin company, the most important factor determining the price is the size of the product.
Because Artin chopped pistachios wholesale is mostly in 4 different categories according to the size.

The price of each varies according to the percentage of output.
If you are going to buy broken and toothed pistachio kernels for production purposes, ask the Artin sales unit to send you the sample products first.

Even before that, you can get pictures and photos of these products on WhatsApp or other social networks.
If the product is suitable for your devices and needs, the product will reach you in the shortest possible time.

On the other hand, due to the fluctuations in the price of pistachios in the Iranian market, the prices of these products sometimes change.
In this regard, you can contact sales experts to get the daily price list of chopped pistachio kernels.

Iranian Pistachio Wholesale and Export/Import

Iranian Pistachio Wholesale

As mentioned in the previous sections, special pistachio kernels must be in use to produce sweets and ice cream.
The most important parameters of pistachio kernels from the perspective of sweets producers are as follows:

In the Artin pistachio kernel production company, which is associated with many consumers of pistachio kernels, we have tried to meet the needs of customers as much as possible.

In this regard, sorting by size, laser sorting, and many other processes are in the progress of the production process in recent years.
By the way, our effort is to get high-quality products with the best prices for the units of confectionery and ice cream production in Iran and abroad.

If you need to buy products directly, you can fill out the forms in the footer.
Our colleagues will definitely contact you in the shortest time.

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