Dried Barberries Exporter | Iranian Berberis Vulgaris Producer

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Dried Barberries Exporter

Dried Barberries Exporter | Iranian Berberis Vulgaris Producer

Search Iran to find an Iranian dried barberries exporter, or to find an importer in your country. Iran is the producer of Berberis Vulgaris.

Many manufacturing companies in the Khorasan Province of Iran are known as exporters of barberry and saffron.
Both barberry and saffron products are strategic agricultural products of eastern Iran.
Saffron has long been known in international markets. But barberry has been entering the global market in different countries for about 10 years.

In this article, we will examine barberry and its exporters. In fact, we advise you to read this article two find out where to buy Iranian berberis Vulgaris directly from dried barberries exporter and producer.

Barberry Orchards and Producing Companies

Barberry Orchards

We have different varieties of barberries in the world, but you can only find red and edible Berberis Vulgaris, in Iran.
Wild barberry or forest barberry grows in some regions of Iran but it’s not that widespread.
These mountainous barberries are black in color and have seeds.

But the center of regular red barberry production is in the South Khorasan province of Iran. Khorasan is where you can find Saffron as well.
The distinctive feature of this barberry is its red color and seedlessness.

Most orchards in South Khorasan province are under cultivation of 4 main crops:

Saffron – Barberry – Pistachio – Jujube

This province is the first and most important production center of barberry and saffron in Iran and even in the world.
Manufacturing companies are mostly active in the nearest possible distance with the orchards.
These industrial units or workshops dry and process different types of barberries.
So, If you are willing to find an Iranian dried barberries exporter who is a producer as well, you need to search this region.

Artin Company is one of the activists in the field of horticulture, processing, and sorting of barberries in this province.

Call us nowIranian Dried Barberries Varieties

Iranian Dried Barberries Varieties

Fresh barberry is only one type in the gardens of South Khorasan province.
With different processing and drying methods, dried barberries are coming to the market under different names and shapes.
Each type of dried barberry is ready to be bought and sold in the market at different intervals according to the required time.

The most important and main types of barberry in Iran are as follows:

Pomegranate-Seeds-Shape Barberries (ANARI Persian Berberis Vulgaris)

Puffy-Shape Barberries (POFAKI Persian Berberis Vulgaris)

Pomegranate seed barberry gets ready for the market and sale approximately 2 months after the harvest season.
But we need time to prepare and dry puffy barberry about 4 to 5 months after the harvest season.

Dried barberries with different names are more different in appearance.
The Artin company, as a dried barberries exporter in Iran, supplies both varieties for some customers in almost all the import markets.

ANARI barberry has a dark red color due to exposure to direct sunlight.
On the other hand, POFAKI barberry is preparing and processing in a completely puffy form due to the lack of pressure.

Each type of barberry has its own special market.
Different countries need to buy a certain type of barberry.
Some for packaging for shelves of shops, some for the production of beverages, and various other uses make all types of barberry have their own buyers.

For this reason, the dried barberries exporter must first select the type of barberry by examining the market of the destination country.
This is to prepare a high-quality product to be able to make a profitable business for himself.

Artin Company, An Iranian Dried Barberries Exporter

Iranian Dried Barberries Exporter

One of the barberries exporting companies in Iran is Artin Barberry Production Company.
In this company, all product preparation processes are performed from A to Z.
At the time of harvest, Artin company divides the products into two general parts according to the number of sales of its year.

Artin factory produces and processes these products with the best quality and with new methods.
In addition to machine processes for sorting and drying, manual sorting of products is also important in the Artin company.
This company is active in South Khorasan province and its sales office is in the city of Mashhad, Iran.

Iranian barberry is exporting to different countries, but the highest sales volume belongs to the following:

  • Russia
  • Turkey
  • Germany
  • France
  • Canada
  • Iraq
  • Also, Kuwait
  • And also, Australia

In each of these countries, a special type of barberry is in use according to the customers’ wishes.
For guidance on choosing the type of barberry for your destination country, you can contact the Artin barberry export department.

How about Iranian Barberries Prices

Iranian Barberries Prices

Quality and price are always the two main parameters for buying in bulk, especially at the time of export.
But the point is that quality should not be sacrificed in any way for the price.
High-quality and first-class products always have their customers.
But barberry that does not have the required quality is difficult to sell in many markets.

On the other hand, it should not be in such a way that the price of barberry is out of the ordinary and can no longer compete in the market.
Keep in mind that for exporting barberry in small shopping packages, the amount of moisture and many parameters are very important.

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