Dried Jujube Fruit for Sale

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Dried Jujube Fruit

Dried Jujube Fruit for Sale

Did you know that Iran is a producer and exporter of Dried Jujube Fruit? There are many Iranian exporters that have large quantity ziziphus jujuba for sale.

The main center of jujube wholesale in Iran is Birjand, which is actually the cradle of jujube production in Iran.

Jujubes use in fresh and dried mode for medicinal and nut purposes.

Direct purchase from the production center will be at competitive and cheaper prices.

Iran’s Jujube Production Center

Jujube Production Center

Jujube is a fruit that produce and sell in different countries of the world.
China, Russia and Iran are the largest centers of jujube production.
Jujube producing in these countries differs in size and taste.

Chinese jujube fruit (Ziziphus Jujuba) is large in size and its kernels are detachable.
The product made in Russia is similar to the Chinese samples.
But jujube producing in Iran is smaller than jujube in these two countries.

Iranian jujube kernels are not separable like other ones.
Iranian jujube is less popular in world markets than large size Russian and Chinese jujube.
The Persian name of Iranian jujube fruit is Anab and some calls it as “RED DATES“.

But Iranian dried jujube fruit in small medicinal sizes is very popular in the international market.
Iranian Anab is of interest to various pharmaceutical companies in the world due to its many properties.

Persian Anab in Southern Khorasan, Iran

Persian Anab

Jujube production center is in the east of Iran or in other words in the south of Khorasan province.
Birjand and Qa’en cities, which are known as barberry and saffron in the world, are also the main producers of Persian red dates.

South Khorasan jujube fruit is ready to harvest and offer in the market in summer.
The fresh jujube harvest season in South Khorasan begins in early September.

Harvesting of this product in different regions of South Khorasan province continues until October.
The most important characteristics of South Khorasan jujube are its red color and sweet taste.

Jujube differs slightly in taste depending on the weather conditions as well as the water (sweet or salty) in the production center.
Of course, jujube in southern cities has a higher quality in terms of size and taste.

Dried Jujube Fruit Medicinal Properties

Dried Jujube Fruit

Jujube is one of the fruits and nuts that has a balanced nature.
This product has many medicinal properties and use in the treatment of various diseases.

Even in the books of traditional medicine, Bou Ali mentions the fruits and leaves of the jujube tree for the treatment of various diseases.

The most important medicinal properties of Iranian jujube are as follows:

  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Blood sugar inhibitor
  • Treatment of cough and cold
  • Purification of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Eliminates diarrhea
  • Help treat fatty liver
  • Mucus repellent

Above, you see some of the healing properties of Iranian jujube (Anab), each of which has its own method of consumption.
For this reason, Iranian jujube has been famous in world markets.

In addition to drug factories, this product also use for combination and use in many foods.

Buy Dried Ziziphus Jujuba Fruit Directly from Producers

Dried Ziziphus Jujuba

The main jujubes wholesale center in Khorasan in Birjand city. Where you can find many orchards besides shops for sale of this product.
In most cases, jujube should sort after harvesting from the trees.

Jujube sieving does either in industrial factories or in traditional workshops active in South Khorasan province.
The most important sorting step for jujube’s wholesale is its sorting by size.

At this stage, jujubes sort by automatic devices or using a sieve tray.
Jujube sales depends on size, taste, color and packaging.

These are the most important parameters for determining the price of jujube.
Artin agro-industry company is one of the companies active in the field of jujube harvesting and wholesale.

In this factory, all gardening, harvesting, sorting, packaging, sales and even export of dried jujube fruit are doing.
The commercial office of this company is in the holy city of Mashhad in Iran and the production units operate in Birjand city.

Premium Quality Persian Jujube Fruit Price

Jujube Fruit Price

As mentioned in the previous sections, the price of jujube depends on its quality parameters.
The most important criteria for determining the price of jujube are:

  1. Size
  2. Color
  3. Taste and freshness
  4. Wrinkle rate (How much wrinkle you see on its skin)
  5. The degree of pest infestation
  6. packaging

In Artin production company, jujube classifies in 8 codes based on different parameters and according to the standard.

These 8 codes with fixed prices are easier throughout the year to make it easier for customers to choose.
The point to consider is that supply and demand are also effective in determining prices.

Usually in years when jujube production is high and trees are far from any pests, supply is high and jujube prices become cheaper.
But in years when the trees are experiencing climate stress and are less productive, the price is higher in the wholesale market.

In general, nut jujube is more expensive than medicinal jujube.
Nut jujube means the ones that using to produce snacks and Medicinal Jujube means the ones using for pharmaceutical purposes.

Export Medicinal Quality of Jujube from Iran

Medicinal Quality of Jujube

Jujube fruit’s export from Iran limits to certain countries.
Iranian merchants send jujuba to world markets for two purposes.

The main market of Iranian jujube is various pharmaceutical companies, especially in Europe.
In these companies, small jujubes with a high percentage of meat are using for pulverization and production of various medicines.
These units buy Iranian medicinal jujube (Ziziphus Jujuba) in large volumes.

But another country that buys Iranian medicinal jujube in bulk is India.
Since Iranian jujube is similar in taste to Indian Tamarinds, some tamarind producing units in India want to buy jujube in bulk.
Most of these centers use powdered Iranian jujube in their products.

Along with the similar taste, the cheaper price of jujube increases the tendency of these producers to buy Iranian medicinal jujube.

Dried Jujube Fruit Online Sale and Purchase

Dried Jujube Fruit

Buying jujube fruit online is one of the simplest ways to order a product.
This possibility has been provided in Artin production complex for customers of different provinces as well as dear exporters.

With the penetration of the Internet and public networks in people’s lives, online shopping is one of the common practices.
In the field of jujube and dried fruits, various companies sell their products in B2B websites.

In online shopping, the following steps are usually done:

  1. Communicate with the sales unit
  2. Get pictures of products and their daily prices
  3. Initial approval and receipt of product sample
  4. Final product approval and also final price
  5. Ordering
  6. Get the original load

To establish initial contact with the sales unit, you can fill out the relevant forms on the site or contact the contact numbers of the sales unit or a major.

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