Dried Jujube Wholesale Price | Anab Ziziphus Jujuba

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Dried Jujube Wholesale

Dried Jujube Wholesale Price | Anab Ziziphus Jujuba

Iran along with China and Russia is one of the producers of Ziziphus jujuba, Jujube calls “Anab” in Persian and Iranian Dried Jujube Wholesale price is different.

The selling price of fresh jujube at the beginning of the season in Birjand orchards market is very cheap.
The price of dried jujube in the wholesale market of Birjand and Mashhad is much more suitable than the market of other cities.

Which manufacturing centers sell their products online across the country?

To get the answer to this question, you can follow the article below.
This article have been written by Artin barberry and jujube production company.

Khorasan Jujube (Anab) Benefits

Khorasan Jujube Benefits

Persian Anab (Jujube) produces in different parts of the world. Iran, China and Russia are the producers of jujube in the world.

Chinese Ziziphus Jujuba is much larger in size than Iranian jujube, but in terms of taste, this type of jujube is more in favor of East Asian countries.

Iranian jujube is smaller than other countries’ jujube. But due to its many healing properties, in addition to use it in nuts, it is of interest for Iranian and world pharmaceutical centers and factories.
Sugary ingredients contains 71.77% of dried jujube in Iran.
In addition, it is a rich source of protein and glaze, which is of great nutritional importance.

Jujube is a rich source of vitamin C and also uses as a laxative and detoxifier.

The roots of the jujube tree, its fruit and also the seeds of the jujube are using to treat various diseases in traditional and Islamic medicine.

Iranian Anab (Ziziphus Jujuba) Harvest Season

Anab Harvest Season

The fresh jujube harvest season is in summer and at the peak of heat.
But in some years this time changes due to climatic stresses.

In August, jujube fruits turn from green to red and will be ready to harvest from the tree.

Given that the jujube tree has a high height, in order to harvest jujube from the tree in the past, the branches were hit with long sticks so that the product would fall on the shawls spread under the tree.

But the advancement of technology has also entered the field of jujube harvesting. Now, professional orchards, who have a high volume of jujube production every year, harvest their crops using fixed and mobile vibrating machines.

Jujube fruit sells directly in green, green-red and red in a completely soft and fresh state during the harvest season from the orchards.

Many orchards send their products to the fruit and vegetable markets of other provinces and cities of the country.

Of course, care must be taken in the transportation and storage of jujube. Because fresh jujube fruit can become moldy if expose to high temperatures, and must store in the refrigerator for a long time.

Dried Jujube comes to the wholesale market one month after harvesting.

Iranian Classy Fresh and Dried Jujube Wholesale

Dried Jujube Wholesale

The supply of dried and fresh jujube usually does through active production units in South Khorasan province of Iran.

Some of these producers have representatives or selling agents in other cities and it is much easier to buy from them.
To buy dried jujube during the year, you can easily buy the desired product from different production units or wholesalers in the markets of other cities.

But to buy fresh jujube, you must contact orchards. Because if fresh jujube is in an unsuitable environment after harvest for a few days, it will lose its quality. Fresh jujube must store in the refrigerator or quickly distribute in the market, And sell.

Khorasan Jujube (Anab) Wholesale Price

Anab Wholesale Price

The selling price of Persian Anab will be more appropriate the closer we get to the center of its production.
Obviously, when the price is better it means better purchase conditions.

The selling price of fresh green soft jujube at the beginning of the season is usually determines according to the amount of production that year and also the demand conditions in the market of different cities.
This amount predicts to be between 0.5 to 0.9 USD/Kg for the year 2020 in Iran.

However, in order to determine the price of dried jujube wholesale, following steps are necessary:

  • Processing and drying
  • Performing jujube sieving operations

According to the final output, the price of different sizes of jujube determines.

Jujube is usually process and categorize based on 3 parameters: color, size and amount of wrinkles on jujube.
Jujube is often supplies and distributes in 30 or 40 kg bags in the wholesale market of Iran.

Buy Dried Jujube Online

Buy Dried Jujube

With the prosperity of the Internet in all parts of the world and also the increase in the presence of people in social networks, we see many large volume purchases that are doing online.

In previous years, most of the individual purchases were made online and in cyberspace, but in recent years, we witness high volume transactions online and offline in the market of various fields.
The field of buying fresh and dried jujube has been one of the leaders in this field and various factories in South Khorasan province offer their products online.

Artin barberry and jujube production factory, which you are currently on its website, is one of the activists in this field in Birjand and Mashhad.

For more details and information about the selling price of jujube, you can click on the image below.

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