Export Barberry to Iraq | Iranian Zereshk Price

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Export Barberry to Iraq

Export Barberry to Iraq | Iranian Zereshk Price

Do you want to Import Barberry to Iraq? You need to find companies and suppliers that export barberry to Iraq directly and also get the Iranian Zereshk Price.

ANARI and POFAKI Zereshk are known in various parts of Iraq, including Kurdistan, Baghdad and Najaf.
The other names of these Persian barberries are Puffy and Pomegranate Seed Barberries.

The price of export quality barberry is very important for Iraqi traders.
To get the daily price of these products, you can contact the sales experts of Artin Barberry Company right now.

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As you can see, Iran is the largest producer of edible barberry in the world. (Iranian regular barberry is Edible, Seedless and Red)

Iranian Zereshk Types

Iranian Zereshk Varieties

The largest area under cultivation of edible barberry in Iran is in southern Khorasan (Iran).

In this region of the country, 3 products produces in a specialized and special way.
Saffron, barberry and jujube are three strategic products of South Khorasan province.

In recent years, due to the great attention paying to barberry shrubs, the yield of trees increased significantly.
The most well-known types of barberry in the export markets are the followings:

  1. Puffy or Pofaki
  2. Pomegranate seed or Anari

These two products use for export from Iran according to the type of consumption as well as the destination country.
Barberry in Iran is distributing both in bulk and small packages all over the world.
But the point is, Most of Iranian barberries export to Iraq in bulk.

Export Barberry to Iraq

Export Barberry to Iraq

One of the main neighbors of Iran that is the main buyer of Iranian barberry is Iraq.
Various regions of this country want and demand the bulk purchase of Iranian barberry.

Barberry sells significantly in many pilgrimage cities, including Najaf and Karbala, as well as in Baghdad and the Kurdistan Region.
In the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad, they purchase both pomegranate seed (ANARI) and puffy (POFAKI) barberry varieties.
But wholesalers in Baghdad and Najaf often want to buy Prasian ANARI Zereshk.

All of this depends on the purchasing power and taste of the people of that region of Iraq.

Barberry Wholesale Center

Barberry Wholesale Center

As mentioned in the first section, the barberry production center of Iran is in South Khorasan province.
Qa’en and Birjand have the highest amount of domestic barberry production and export.

Barberry suitable for export should process and dry with more sensitivity so that all customs affairs can do in the shortest possible time without any problems.

There are various workshops and factories in Birjand and Ghayen.
Because many farmers do not have the equipment to process barberry, they provide their products for processing or sale.
In these centers, barberry drys, processes and packages. After that, it is either returns to the owner or provides to various domestic and export customers by the factory owner himself.

Artin barberry production factory is one of the active plants in the region.
In addition to processing its products and those of other farmers in the region, it also does all the business for its export customers for free.
Export barberry to Iraq in one of the main businesses of Artin Co. in the middle east.

This company has various processing and production units in both Qayen and Birjand.
For more information, you can read other articles on this website.

Updated Prices of Khorasan Barberry for Export to Iraq

Barberry Export Price

Price has always been one of the basic and influential parameters in trade.
Therefore, contacting the product production center can reduce the risk of this work to an acceptable level.

On the other hand, Purchasing from the high level suppliers and producers can ensure you about a proper hygienic product, and a safety from a microbiological point of view.

Since in Iran, unfortunately, there are a lot of fluctuations in all areas, you can contact the sales experts of Artin company to receive the current daily price through social networks.

You can also now connect to this collection by clicking on the contact number below.

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