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Export Barberry to Russia

Export Barberry to Russia | Iranian Barberries Supplier

Iranian Exporters and Suppliers of Barberries export barberry to Russia in bulk. If you want to get the prices, check this article to know more about Iranian Zereshk.

Iran is the main exporter of barberry varieties all over the world.
Of course, the volume of barberry exports to Russia in the puffy type is less than the export of the excellent Iranian pomegranate seed barberry to Russia.
In recent years, Artin has focused more on selling its products (Barberry, Pistachios and Jujube) directly to Russia.

Barberry is known around the world by various names, although the original name of barberry is less known.
Among the most important names of barberry in the export market, the followings are the most commercials:

  • Barberry
  • Berberis Vulgaris
  • Zeresht
  • Zereshg
  • барбарис

All of these names relates to barberry, but the image that comes to mind of barberry in the Russian market as the reference for this article is: Edible-Red Seedless Barberry or the Persian in “زرشک قرمز خوراکی بی دانه”.

This type of barberry has the highest production in South Khorasan province.

Iranian Red-Seedless Edible Barberries

Red-Seedless Edible Barberries

This type of barberry is familiar almost all over Iran and its red color is its most important feature.
In the sense that Iranian edible seedless barberries are only red.
Of course, in Iran, a kind of black barberry produces that has seeds and has very little use for direct food production.

Iran’s production in relation to edible red barberry divides into two types of puffy and pomegranate seed barberries.
Pomegranate or pomegranate seed barberries export to Russia more than other varieties, but the export of barberry to Russia in the form of puffy barberry is also increasing in recent years.

The puffy type of this product is often lighter in color due to its production nature.
Of course, barberry pomegranate seeds have a stronger taste and more juice to produce jam or drinks.

Export Barberry to Russia

Export Barberry to Russia

Not only Russia, but also countries such as Ukraine and Kazakhstan buy significant quantities of Iranian puffy barberry.
Puffy barberry mostly exports and sells to Russia for foodstuffs uses.
Even many sweets and candies in Russia are made using barberry.
But the premium quality of Iranian pomegranate seed is more suitable for markets that are looking for a cheaper product.
However, the main volume of barberry exports to Russia from Iran is dedicated to pomegranate type.

Very tasty and popular candies produces in Russia using Iranian red barberry.
Tobacco production in Russia has also become more common in recent years.
Regarding tobacco production, it should note that this type of consumption is not a good market for exporting puffy barberry to Russia.
Cheaper varieties of Iranian barberries uses in Russia and Ukraine to produce tobacco.
As a result, the export of pomegranate barberry to Russia is very important for tobacco production.

Artin Barberry Production Company located in South Khorasan Province of Iran produces various types of Iranian barberry.
Also, the activity in the field of exporting this product has been started by Artin company for many years.
The record of successful barberry exports to more than 12 countries over the years shows this.

The price of puffy barberries is mostly higher than pomegranate barberries, and of course this is due to higher sales of this type.
However, the export of premium puffy barberry to Russia is one of Artin’s successful activities.

Premium Barberries for Russia

Premium Barberries

Regarding the price of premium Iranian barberry, we should pay attention to many points, the most important of which are as follows:

  1. Type of Barberry is the first parameter to determine the price, and in fact, Puffy Type has a higher price in comparison with Pomegranate Seed.
  2. Product quality is an influential factor not only for barberry but also for any product:
    Product quality for premium barberry includes the following:

    • The higher the puffy barberry puff, the more it attracts buyers and the higher the quality.
    • The brighter the pomegranate barberry and the more juice it has, the more fans it has.
    • The moisture content of barberry is important not only for puffy-type but also for all types and should be less than 16%.
    • The less foreign materials in the load, including gravel, wood, and even small barberry tails, the better.
  3. The type of packaging uses to sell the product is important for export quality barberry
    If you are a buyer of premium barberry, be sure to buy the product in high durability packaging.

Packaging for Exporting Barberry to Russia

Barberry Export Packaging

By the end of 2018, most barberry exports were in a simple, routine package.
The packaging was such that the barberry producer poured it directly into cartons weighing between 8 and 12 kg.
This type of packaging is still common but not suitable for export. (Why?):

  • Direct contact of the product with the inner surface of the carton is outside the export standard.
    In fact, it should be a layer that prevents the product from being directly in connect to the packaging carton. In the beginning, inexperienced exporters used plastic bags for years.
    Nylon and plastic that enclose barberry are the main cause of barberry mold and mildew.
  • If the cartons tear up, the product will spill out, so it is not suitable for moving at all.
  • Cartons easily absorb moisture inside and out, and this can be a problem on sea routes.

Paper sheets mainly uses to solve the above problems.
Placing a layer of paper between the product and the carton on different sides may prevent a direct connection, but:

  1. It is still possible that the product spills out.
  2. The problem of high moisture on sea routes has not yet been resolved.
  3. Barberry gives back the oil it absorbs during processing to the paper, and the papers would be greasy and won’t look good at all.

To solve the above problem, Artin factory uses a special type of fabric after several years of export experience.
These special cloth bags, in addition to maintaining the quality of the product due to the proper and logical transfer of moisture, cause the product not to spill out of the carton, and also greatly enhances the appearance of the packaging. Also, the fabric not only does not mold the product, but also increases the durability of the product, unlike plastic.

Obviously, in the process of exporting barberry to Russia, you will have many questions about puffy barberries, pomegranate-type or any other type of this product.
Artin’s sales and export managers are ready to provide services and advice in this regard.

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