Export Barberry to Spain | Iranian Berberis Vulgaris

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Export Barberry to Spain

Export Barberry to Spain | Iranian Berberis Vulgaris

The business about Export barberry to Spain Along with major exports of saffron, is very good. Iranian berberis vulgaris is exporting to Europe, Canada and America with Artin Company.

Iranian Zereshk (Barberry) is shipping to Spain in various types. But most of these exports are related to red seedless barberry grade A (Persian “POFAKI” Barberry).
The Edible types of barberry are note that much and Iranian types are one of them.

Appearance characteristics of seedless barberry of Iran are:

  • Seed colors
    Green in spring, yellow and orange in summer and red in late summer
  • Seed Shape
    Elliptical Shape
  • It has Thorny branches
  • Shrubs between 1 to 4 meters
  • Compatible with dehydration and warm air
  • Low pest

These properties make barberry a product that has many medicinal and therapeutic properties.

Iranian Barberry Production:

Iranian Barberry Production

Iran is the largest producer of seedless barberry in edible varieties.

Barberries with seeds often grow in forest and a small percentage are producing in orchards.
But most of the cultivated area of ​​red edible barberry is in south of Khorasan province.
The cities of Birjand and Qa’enat have the highest levels of seedless red barberry cultivation.

Harvest season in this region of the country start in late summer and continues until late November.
A considerable amount of Iranian barberry is using for export to all over the world in recent years.
Which companies does export barberry to Spain? Do you know Artinnuts?

Iranian Dried Berberis Vulgaris

Iranian Berberis Vulgaris

In fact, There are various ways to dry barberry.
These different methods of producing dried barberry make it available for sale in a variety of markets.

To name the most important and best-selling varieties of these barberries we have to mention the following two types:

1. Pomegranate seed or Anari barberry:

To produce “ANARI” barberry, Barberry seeds spread in an open environment to dry under sunlight.
This processing makes the barberry available for market earlier, but it also makes the barberry color slightly darker than normal.
Pomegranate seed (Anari) berberis vulgaris is cheaper than other types.

2. Pofaki or Puffy barberry:

In the process of producing pofaki barberry, the barberry ships to the store with the branch. (Seeds still on the branches).
Barberries stores in this salon for 3 to 5 months and will lose their moisture over time.
This method of production gives the manufacturer and the market a completely bright-color barberry.
Top-grade barberry is often uses for export to European countries as well as Canada and Australia.

Export Barberry to Spain

Export Barberry to Spain

Spain is one of the countries with significant export volume of Iranian barberry.
If you want to Import barberry to Spain directly from Iran, There are some important points about quality and packaging that you need to consider.
The export quality barberry should be thoroughly sorted and free of any foreign materials.
Sand, leaves, wood, tails, twigs and hair are the most common foreign materials, often present at major export loads.

But some barberry growers, with 100% sorted products, remove all of this material from the barberry and bring it to a standard.
Also, The moisture content should be in normal level.

Not only Pofaki Barberry, But also Anari barberry might get problem in the color:
The bright red color shows the good quality in the appearance, so you need to keep this bright color.
If the packaging is not appropriate for barberry, color changing will happen. Also some hygienic problems happen because of wrong packaging.

In bulk packaging, as you can see in the picture, the Artin Barberry Company uses fabric.
This packaging method not only increases the shelf life of barberry, but also avoids direct product contact with the carton.

Among the different types of barberry, the largest volume of exports is devoting to POFAKI barberry (Puffy).

Obviously, All of the above will be effective in product pricing.

Iranian Berberis Vulgaris Price

Berberis Vulgaris Price

As mentioned in the previous section, the price of barberry depends on different quality items.

In addition to the parameters mentioned above, moisture content and residues of pesticides are two other key parameters in determining the quality of barberry.

Together, these determine the final price of barberry.

Most barberries that are marketing in Iran have high humidity and moisture content. But exported barberry should not be like this at all.

Since in Iran in addition to quality indicators, various factors such as supply and demand, government policies, etc. are effective in price, you can contact the sales managers by clicking on the image below.

Ask your consultants in the Sales Department of Artin-Barberry for the best price and best quality of Iranian barberry varieties.

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