Export Pistachios to India | AA Pistachio Kernels and Nuts

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Export Pistachios to India

Export Pistachios to India | AA Pistachio Kernels and Nuts

India is a known buyer of Iranian AA pistachio nuts and kernels. Many companies export pistachios to India directly from Iran.

First-class pistachios export in different types from Iran to India.
The highest volume of purchases in India is related to Ahmad Aghaei (AA) and Badami pistachios.

Pistachios in the long category have the highest sales in various cities in India.
Artin Company is an Iranian Producer, Supplier, and Exporter of pistachio nuts and kernels to India.

Grade A Iranian Pistachio Nuts and Kernels

Iranian Pistachio Nuts and Kernels

One of the best markets for Iranian pistachio exports is India.

The export of first-class pistachios from Iran to India is doing in large volumes, which is because of the high population of this country.
With a population of more than 1.3 billion, India is a great target market for products from different countries.

The Indian market buys a variety of nuts from Iran, the most important of which are pistachios and Mamro almonds.
As you are aware, Iran has a great variety in pistachio production, which we will explain in full in the next section.

Farmers and orchards owners in different provinces in Iran are planting and producing different types of pistachios:

  1. Kerman
  2. Khorasan
  3. Yazd
  4. Semnan

The above-mentioned provinces have the highest area under Iranian pistachio cultivation.
There are usually all types of pistachios in most provinces, but some cities are specialized in producing one type of pistachio.

Some years ago, Iranian pistachio producers export pistachios to India via Emirate. In fact, the buyer was in Dubai. and they sell these pistachios from Dubai to India.
Nowadays, many buyers of Iranian pistachios in India prefer to make direct contact with suppliers in Iran.

Iranian Export-Quality Pistachios

Export-Quality Pistachios

All types of pistachio nuts and kernels in Iran are using for export.
In other words, most of the pistachios are sent to international markets and a small amount of it is using in the domestic market.

Types of pistachios producing in Iran include Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei, Koleghoochi, Badami, and Fandoghi.

Each of the target markets for importing Iranian pistachios buys a specific type and size of a pistachio.

For example, in Lebanon, only Koleghoochi pistachio nuts are acceptable and well-known.
In Afghanistan, Fandoghi and Badami sell well.

But if we want to talk about buyers of pistachios in India, we must mention three specific types of pistachios.
In general, to export first-class pistachios to India, pistachios that are in the long or super long category should be your choice.
Pistachios that fall into this category are as follows:

  • Akbari Pistachio Nuts (Super Long)
  • Pistachio Ahmad Aghaei (Long AA)
  • Badami Pistachio (Long and more White)

One of the important features for exporting first-class pistachios to India is having white pistachio shell skin.
This feature draws pistachio buyers in India into two types, Ahmad Aghaei and Badami.

Export Badami and AA Pistachios to India

Export Pistachios to India

Ahmad Aghaei and Badami pistachios have the highest sales in the Indian dried fruit market.
Badami pistachio is cheaper than Ahmad Aghaei pistachio and is using for weaker areas.

Various cities such as Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, and Nhava-Sheva are important for the delivery of Iranian pistachios.
Active Indian traders and merchants are present in pistachio factories and terminals in Iran, looking for high-quality pistachios and reasonable prices.

Price is one of the most important criteria in exporting first-class Iranian pistachios to India.
Pistachios for export from Iran to India are usually sent from Bandar Abbas to the ports of Nhava-Sheva and Mumbai.

Due to the existence of high-speed lines in this route, the cost of sending the product is very cheap and does with high speed.

Special packaging is usually not in demand by buyers for exporting pistachios from Iran to India.
But sometimes the customer requests to change the packaging from 50 kg bags to 10 kg cartons.

Pistachios using to send from Iran to India are mostly raw. In fact, Roasted and Salted Iranian pistachio nuts have high taxes for importing to India.
Pistachios are usually roasted or salted in the Indian market according to the taste of the people of that country.

Iranian Pistachio Nuts and Kernels CIF Price for India

Iranian Pistachio Nuts

Normally, Iranian pistachios are priced for export to India in two ports and the customer chooses:

  • Firstly, Price in Bandar Abbas after customs clearance in origin (FOB Bandar Abbas)
  • Secondly, Price in Indian ports before destination customs formalities (CIF or C&F Nhava-Sheva or Mumbai)

Most Indian buyers choose the second for delivery.

The following costs must be calculated for the export price of first-class pistachios in Indian ports:

  1. Raw pistachio prices
  2. Packaging costs
  3. Cost of sending the product from the factory to Bandar Abbas
  4. The cost of customs affairs and obtaining the relevant certificates at the customs of origin
  5. THC cost and delivery from Bandar Abbas to Indian ports
  6. Insurance fee

The sum of the above costs for delivery of cargo in the port of Nhava-Sheva or Mumbai must be under consideration.
Note that the cost of items 3 to 6 is for a complete container. Now, whether 1 ton or 20 tons are in this container, the cost will not change.

You can get the price of Ahmad Aghaei and Badami pistachios today from the sales unit of the Artin Co.
By specifying the type, size, place of delivery, and purchase volume, the CIF price of Indian ports will also be calculated for you.

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