Exporter of Pistachios to India | Artin Nuts and Kernels

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Exporter of Pistachios to India

Exporter of Pistachios to India | Artin Nuts and Kernels

Artin Company is an Iranian Exporter of Pistachios to India that is also a manufacturer and producer of Iranian Nuts and Kernels with High Export Qualities.

When you talk about exporting pistachios to Indian, The first choice is Ahmadaghaee and Akbari In-Shell pistachios.
But about pistachio kernels, you have many various options to choose.

Importing pistachio kernels from Iran is a profitable trade but how to do it? How and where to buy Iranian nuts and kernels with good prices and better quality?
More than all of these questions, How to find a trustworthy exporter of pistachios to India?

One of the countries that wants to get the top pistachio kernels in Iran is India, where imports are booming.

One of the most important parameters in the major purchases of Indian traders is the competitive price of pistachio kernels.

Pistachio kernel imports are one of the best ways to monetize and make a profit for the country’s economy.
Pistachio kernels are among the foods that are rich in nutrients and are very useful for the body, so many countries, due to the high quality of pistachio kernels in Iran, have a great demand for this nutritious and useful nut.

Also, Diwali is great festivity in India that many people in India import nuts and dried fruits to sell for Diwali.

High Quality Iranian Pistachio Kernels in India

Exporter of Pistachios to India

High quality Iranian pistachio kernels have a very good taste that arouses the admiration of different people. This pistachio is one of the good high quality pistachios in the world.

Due to the variety of pistachio production in Iran, pistachio kernels also produces in such a way that its variety is several times that of pistachios.

Ahmad Aghaei pistachios, Fandoghi, Badami and Akbari have the highest production in Iran.

The main center of pistachio production in Iran limits to several provinces of Kerman, Khorasan, Semnan and Yazd.

Among the most important types of pistachio kernels in Iran, the following can be mentioned:

  • Close-Mouth Pistachio Kernels
  • Open-Mouth Pistachio Kernels (Mostly Purple Skin Kernels)
  • Regular Type kernels
  • Green Peeled Pistachio Kernels
  • Green pistachio kernels
  • Halved and Crushed Pistachio Kernels
  • Wheaty and Tiny Kernels

Each of these has its own target market.
One of the main buyers of pistachio Nuts and Kernels from Iran is India. Also, Iran is where you can find a good Iranian exporter of pistachios to India.

Due to the high population, the consumption of nuts is very high in this country, and for this reason, pistachio nuts and pistachio kernels sends to India, Kashmir and Afghanistan.

Exporter of Pistachios to India


Exporter of Pistachios to India

As mentioned, one of the main markets for pistachio kernels and Iranian pistachio nuts is India.

These products are usually sent from two main channels:

  1. Direct shipment from Iran to India (usually from Bandar Abbas to Mumbai or Navashava)
  2. Indirect sending via UAE (Dubai) or Oman (Muscat)

Many Indian businessmen are based in Dubai and prefer to buy their products through intermediaries in the UAE for a variety of reasons, including the difficulty of transferring money because of America’s sanctions against Iran (Documents and etc.).
However, some Indian importers purchase pistachio kernels directly from Iranian production centers.

For this transfer, the rupee to the rial also interact at times of the banks of the two countries, and it is possible to register Swift between the two countries.

For example, at the beginning of 2020, Bank Eghtesad Novin Iran and IDBI Bank made rupee transfers.

Iranian Pistachio Kernel Purchase Center

Exporter of Pistachios to India

As you are aware, most pistachio products in Iran are specific to Kerman and Khorasan provinces.
In these provinces, various workshops and factories try to crack pistachios and produce high-volume pistachio kernels.

Due to the proximity of these production units to the pistachio planting center, the probability of competitive prices is high.

Of course, when buying pistachio kernels along with the price, you should also pay a lot of attention to quality, because some production centers mix a low percentage of weak or old pistachio kernels with the main load.

For this reason, it always recommend to contact well-known and experienced units to buy bulk pistachio kernels, which fortunately are very numerous.

How to Import Pistachios to India

Exporter of Pistachios to India

There are various routes for India from Iran to provide transportation services.
But most merchants choose the sea route.

Given that there are many sea lines between Bandar Abbas and Indian ports, including Mumbai and Nhava Sheva, the cost of container and transportation is very low.

One of the main reasons for choosing this route for exporting pistachio kernels from Iran to India is that it is cheap. That lowers the price of pistachio or pistachio kernels in India to a minimum.

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