Fandoghi Pistachio for Import | Pistachios Major Supply

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Fandoghi Pistachio for Import | Pistachios Major Supply

The Artin company supplies Iranian Fandoghi pistachio for import in large quantities. Khorasan Pistachios Major Supply is growing fast.

Fandoghi pistachio is one of the cheapest types of Iranian pistachios that is common for import to various countries.
One of the main centers of production and supply of Fandoghi pistachios is in Khorasan Razavi province.

This type of pistachio is usually available in sizes 28-30 and 30-32, but smaller and larger sizes of these items are also available in some time periods.

Fandoghi (Round) pistachios are often common in countries such as China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, and some EU countries due to the reasonable prices.
But most of its sales are in East Asia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

Khorasan Pistachios Major Supply

Fandoqi pistachio has a spherical shape. That’s why they are common in the market with the name of the round shape.
In general, this pistachio has a small size.
But despite this small size, it has a beautiful and customer-friendly appearance.

The highest area under round pistachio cultivation in Iran belongs to Khorasan Razavi province.
The main center of Fandoghi pistachio production in this province is Bardaskan.
Bardaskan is one of the main centers of Fandoqi pistachio production in Iran.
In fact, many buyers who come to Iran to buy directly and in-personal, know that Bardaskan is a good place to buy Fandoghi pistachio for import and export from Iran.

The size of this type of pistachio is 28-30 or 30-32.
Of course, in some orchards, Fandoqi pistachios with a size of 26-28 can also be found.
In this region, the production and processing of various pistachios, especially round-shape pistachios, has flourished so much that many pistachios are considered for export.
We even see in some sources that 90% of Khorasan Razavi pistachio products are for export to different countries.

In the following sections, we have more information about the processing, price and export of this type of pistachio.

Artin Company’s Pistachio Processing

As we saw in the previous section, Bardaskan and Khorasan Razavi are some of the largest producers of pistachios.
For this reason, there are many workshops that process fresh pistachios and make them ready for sale in bulk.
Of course, you might see that various Khorasan orchards send their fresh pistachios to Kerman and Rafsanjan for processing. Therefore, after sending them to Kerman or Rafsanjan, it considers those provinces and cities’ pistachios. That’s why you see Khorasan pistachios in Kerman and Rafsanjan but these pistachios belong somewhere else.

In pistachio processing workshops, they do various tasks such as processing, sorting, and packaging (especially in bulk).
Artin company is one of the companies that work in the field of processing and selling different types of pistachios.
This company has been able to create two main advantages due to the way it works online and numerous relationships with farmers and factory owners.

  1. Reduce current costs and ultimately reduce the final price of products
  2. Increase the quality of products due to lower costs and high production

Of course, there are many challenges in exporting or buying pistachios.
You may also have questions and ambiguities in your mind.
You can solve your challenges and experience a comfortable purchase with a simple contact with the consultants of Artin company.
For advice, purchase or export of pistachios and its products, you can contact the consultants of Artin Trading Company.

Wholesale of Fandoghi Pistachio for Export/Import

One of the most important factors in buying the Fandoghi pistachio is its price.

Fandoqi pistachios are less expensive than Long-Shape pistachios such as Akbari and Ahmad Aghaei due to their spherical shape.
This is the reason for the popularity of Fandoqi pistachio in the countries that are willing to buy low-price pistachios.
Fandoghi pistachios are for export to different countries such as Russia.

Here we must mention a very important point:
Due to the widespread export of pistachios, the price of this product fluctuates a lot.
Of course, other factors such as the type of packaging and the size of the pistachio also affect its final price. But the fluctuation of the USD to the IRR exchange rate is the significant reason.

For more information and to receive the current price, you can contact the consultants of Artin Comercial Department.
Artin Sales Consultants will accompany you in the ideal purchase and export.

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