Fresh Barberry Exporter to Europe | Iranian Berberis Vulgaris

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Fresh Barberry Exporter

Fresh Barberry Exporter to Europe | Iranian Berberis Vulgaris

Exporting fresh Iranian berberis vulgaris directly from orchards at the beginning of the season is booming. Artin Co. is a fresh barberry exporter to Europe in Iran.

Seedless red barberry is often using frozen (On branches or without branch) for exporting to European countries.

The first point is to pay attention to the target market in terms of distance and sales of the product.
Due to the fact that fresh barberry with branches has a much longer shelf life than without branch barberry fruits, It is necessary to use it for export to routes away.

Of course, by freezing without branch barberry fruits and sending it with reefer containers, it is also possible to export fresh barberry fruits without branches in the form of berries in small packages.

Fortunately, European standards in the field of barberry imports are not very difficult, and it is easy to export fresh barberries (Here we mean Iranian Berberis Vulgaris (Red and Edible type)) to European countries using reefer containers, and the export of this product is very profitable.
There are not so many Iranian fresh barberry exporters in this field of business but “Artinnuts” is one of them.

Fresh barberry, in addition to the reasonable price and using as a sour fresh fruit, can also use to make many beverages.

In addition to Europe, fresh barberry is exporting to Canada and Australia, and there are very favorable prospects for this.
Also, There is a fresh barberry exporter to Turkey located in Mashhad (A city in Khorasan Province) in Iran.

Fresh Barberry Wholesale Center in Iran

Fresh Barberry ExporterThe center of red-edible barberry production is in eastern Iran. South Khorasan Province is known as the largest producer of seedless-red barberries in the world.

In this part of the country, which is known with its perfect saffron, a very large area is under cultivation of Red-Seedless barberries (Edible types).

Iranian red barberry mostly produces and sells in bulk in Birjand, Ghaenat, Sarbisheh and Arian Shahr cities in the south of Khorasan province.

Fresh Berberis Vulgaris Harvest Season

Fresh Barberry ExporterFresh Barberry’s Harvest Season in the orchards of different regions of South Khorasan province is different.

In the more southern parts, where the weather warms up earlier, the harvest season is about 2 to 3 weeks ahead of other orchards in the province.

But in general, from September to early November of each year, the barberry harvest season can announce from the orchards of South Khorasan province.

According to the Jihad-e-Agricultural Organization of the province, in an interview with IRNA in 2019:
About 19,500 Metric Tons of barberry were harvested from the barberry orchards of South Khorasan province.
This is a relative increase compared to previous years.

Fresh Barberry Exporter

Fresh Barberry ExporterThe export of fresh barberry has been booming for the past few years.

Given that fresh barberry, like dried barberry, has many uses, there are many buyers in the market of other countries for this product with high therapeutic properties.

The main uses of fresh barberry are as follows:

  • Fresh eating (as a fresh fruit)
  • Production of beverages and syrups
  • Preparation of jams
  • Useing in the production of ice cream, chocolate, muscat and…

Any fresh barberry exporter can provide this product both with and without branches.

Although barberry stays on the branch longer, the demand for freshly picked barberry is much higher due to its ease of use.
Fresh barberry exports to different countries by reefer containers at negative temperatures.

For information on the steps and how to export barberry, you can read the comprehensive article in this regard.
Or watch the following video:

Fresh Barberry Storage and Sale in Europe

Barberry sells fresh before freezing, which is doing only during the harvest season.

This type of sale is often for wholesalers and activists in Iran, who sell the fruit in the cities at the beginning of the season.
But for the next few months, barberry must store in the refrigerator. (Because its moisture content is high and it quickly becomes moldy.)

The best temperature for storing freshly frozen barberry is -3 to -10 degrees (Centigrade).

When shipping with reefer containers, the same temperature should set for as long as the product is on track.

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