Green Pistachio Flour – Artin Pistachios Company

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Green Pistachio Flour - Artin Pistachios Company

Green Pistachio Flour – Artin Pistachios Company

Green Pistachio Flour and powder with no additives (in bulk or small packages) are one of the Artin pistachios company products.

Where can you inquire about the best wholesale price of first-class green pistachio flour?
Is Iranian pistachio in the same category as American pistachio in terms of greenness?
This article tries to provide you with the necessary information on how to purchase and sell pistachio powder, ground, flour, and granules.

Artin production company is one of the main suppliers of pistachio powder in the country.
Since pistachio powder is in use in all kinds of sweets and ice cream, it should have excellent quality and good taste.
Green pistachio flour and in fact, each kind of green pistachio kernel are of interest to most buyers.
So join us in this article to know more.

Iranian Pistachio Powder Producers

Iranian Pistachio Powder ProducersThere are different types of pistachios available in Iran and each variety has different qualities available as well.
The eastern parts of Iran have the most pistachio products and orchards.
Kerman is the oldest area under the cultivation of pistachios in Iran.
But Khorasan is becoming the main production center of pistachios in Iran recently.

Badami (a variety of long pistachios that is more common in Khorasan, Iran) pistachio kernels in this area have dark skin but are very green after peeling.
In fact, the inside of these pistachio kernels is super green.
This product is also in use to produce low price peeled pistachio kernels.

There are various buyers in different countries for Badami pistachio kernels.
In addition, these products are well received in Iran due to their reasonable prices.

In the Artin kernel company, sorting pistachio kernels by size is the first categorizing procedure.
For example, we have 4 different sizes of pistachio granules available in the Artin company.
The green pistachio kernels are usually using to make powder.

Of course, there are various sorting procedures before the production of powder (to make sure there is no pistachios hard shell or any other waste among the kernels to produce powder).

This is done first by using a laser device (color sorting machine) and then visually by manpower.
The final product is free of any external waste, including the hard skin of the pistachio.
With this method, the best high-quality Iranian green pistachio flour is ready for the market.

Green Pistachio Flour Major Supply

Green Pistachio Flour Major SupplyIf you are a consumer of low price pistachio powder and kernels, join us.

For some production units that use pistachio kernels, product sizing is very important.
Because they insert and pour pistachio kernels into the final product through the device automatically.
Using sized pistachio kernels, there is no need to sift and chop the product again.

On the other hand, for pistachio powder, the absence of foreign substances, especially pistachio skin, is of great importance.
In Artin production company, we try to find a solution for the concerns of the producers of all kinds of sweets and ice cream.
With the two-way interaction of these companies, we were able to prepare the best products in the field of pistachio products in the market.

If you need to buy pistachio powder and pistachio kernels in bulk, you can contact Artin experts.
The communication channels are in different parts of our official website.

Green Pistachio Flour Price and Quality

Green Pistachio Flour Price and QualityAs you are aware, pistachios and their products have a lot of price fluctuations.
For example, the frost of trees in the Kerman and Sirjan regions in the spring of 1400 causes a sudden increase in the price of pistachios in the wholesale market.

As a result, the price of pistachio kernel and its powder and flour also increased a lot.
On the other hand, fluctuations in the exchange rates (USD to IRR) also have a direct impact on the price of these products.
Because pistachios and other products are export-oriented and the world prices are almost constant in these markets.

All these together cause some price fluctuations, but we at Artin try not to change the price of the product as much as possible.
Because consumers of green pistachio flour are food product producers.
If the price of their raw material becomes more expensive, the final price of their product will also increase.
This greatly reduces product sales.

To receive the daily price of first-class and high-quality pistachio powder, you can contact the Artin pistachio kernel sales unit.

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