Green Pistachio for China | Iranian Nuts and Kernels

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Green Pistachio for China

Green Pistachio for China | Iranian Nuts and Kernels

The Artin company exports Iranian green pistachio to China. Iran is the main producer and exporter of nuts and kernels all around the world.

Pistachio kernel exports to China from Iran are booming. In fact, China is an old and long-time customer for Iranian nuts, kernels, and dried fruits.

What is the selling price of green pistachio kernels of Iran in this market?
What types of pistachio kernels are mostly using for export/import to East Asian countries?

You can join us to get the answers to the above questions and also to get acquainted with Artin Pistachio Kernel Production Company.
In this article, we will provide you comprehensive information about Iranian green pistachios in the market of China.

Green Peeled Pistachio Kernels for China

Green Peeled Pistachio Kernels for China

The export of pistachio kernels to China and the different stages of this process can be the most important information of pistachio exports to this country.

Pistachio kernel is one of the strategic and important goods due to the added value in the country’s markets.
For this reason, Iranian pistachio nuts and kernels are of interest to many traders, importers, and investors.

As we understood, pistachio is one of the important export products of Iran.
There are many steps to do before exporting such as packaging, providing special standards, various processes for the products, and etc.
Of course, we must note that some of these steps are eliminated in various exports.
For example, if a country does not pay much attention to packaging, there is no necessity for special packaging, and exporting in bulk might help you to keep your prices more competitive.

Exports of pistachio kernels to China often include peeled and green pistachio kernels.
This pistachio kernel is very green and has various uses in this country.
This pistachio kernel is usually using for the production and decoration of sweets and ice creams.

Due to the many stages of export and important points that must be observed in this regard, you can contact Artin Business Consultants.
By contacting the consultants of the collection, you can buy the most ideal barberry according to your needs and export it.

Artin Pistachio Kernel Production Center

Artin Pistachio Kernel Production Center

Production and sale of pistachio kernels are the most important process in exports from Iran.
Export-quality pistachios should have the ideal quality and price.
You may be wondering why the price of pistachios is important for export and why, in addition to quality, you should also pay close attention to the price.

We have to point out an important point here.

Most of Iran’s export-quality pistachios are sending to specific countries.

Due to sending large volumes of cargo to these countries, traders attach great importance to price, and the cost price should be at a minimum.
The Artin Dried Fruit Trading is one of the producers of pistachios and pistachio kernels for export.
In this company, by integrating the production, processing, and sales stages, the cost price of the product is very affordable in comparison with its quality.

You can buy and import your pistachio by contacting the sales and export consultants of this collection. Using Whatsapp by clicking on the image below is the easier way to make direct contact:

How about Iranian Pistachio Kernels Price?

How about Iranian Pistachio Kernels Price?

Pistachio kernels are shipped to various countries, with China being one of the main countries where pistachio kernels are used.
Below we have briefly mentioned the important steps of exporting pistachios and their products such as pistachio kernels.

  1. At first, Product supply
  2. Pistachio packaging
  3. Obtaining standard documents for Iranian pistachios
  4. Presenting (declaring) pistachios to the customs of Iran
  5. Obtaining a pistachio health certificate at customs (if it’s necessary for the clearance in the destination country)
  6. Delivery of pistachios to transportation companies
  7. Finally, Receive the rest of the documents and certificates of pistachios

Here we have to make a point.

In addition to the above, the price of pistachio kernels depends on several factors.
For example, the volume of pistachio kernels for export can have a large impact on the cost of the final product. In fact, the order quantity is really important and affects the price significantly.
The volume of pistachio kernels has a direct effect on its price and the amount of shipping and export/import costs.

There are different types of pistachio kernels, which makes it difficult to export to different countries.
Due to the various characteristics and factors and their impact on the price of pistachio kernels, it is recommended to consult with skilled people.
Sales and export consultants of the Artin company and factory are ready to help and assist you.
We hope that with your help, we can take big steps towards marketing this valuable and strategic product.
You can read more about Iranian pistachio kernel varieties on this website.

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