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Europe (Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Spain), Arabian Countries, China and Russia are the main buyers of Iranian Pistachio Kernels.

Although we have American, Turkish and Syrian pistachio kernels but the taste and the qualities are really different.

Iranian Pistachio Kernels Distribution

Iranian Pistachio Kernels Distribution for Confectioneries

The Artin company is active in the business of Iranian pistachio kernels distribution for confectioneries, ice cream, and sweets. There are various types of pistachio kernels using in food...

Pistachio Kernels in Australia | Iranian Pistachios Exporters

Pistachio Kernels in Australia are available for many purposes. There are some Iranian pistachios exporters selling various nuts to Australia. Pistachio kernel exports to Australia from the Kerman and...

Pistachio Kernels in Canada | Iranian Luxury Nuts

The Artin company sells luxury pistachio kernels in Canada. This company exports Iranian nuts from Iran to Canada and America. Usually, exporters use the best and high qualities of...

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Pistachio Kernels for Dubai

Pistachio Kernels for Dubai | Iranian Nuts and Kernels

The Artin Nuts and Dried Fruit company exports Iranian pistachio kernels for Dubai. Iranian nuts are common for chocolate factories as well. The purchase of first-class Iranian pistachio kernels...

Pistachio Kernels to India

Pistachio Kernels to India | Iranian Nuts and Dried Fruits

The Artin Pistachio factory exports pistachio kernels to India. Purple-Skin Fandoghi pistachio kernels are among the Iranian nuts and dried fruits. The best pistachio nuts and Iranian pistachio kernels...