Green Pistachio Kernel Price for Import Export

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Green Pistachio Kernel Price

Green Pistachio Kernel Price for Import Export

In export and import, one of the parameters besides product’s quality is its price. What is the green pistachio kernel price in bulk for wholesale now?
It should be noted, however, that the destination country and the type of pistachio kernel are very effective in determining the price. Obviously, The higher the quality is, The higher the price is.

Iran is one of the largest pistachio producers in the world. in fact, Iran and America are producing more than %75 of the all pistachios all around the world.
However, some other countries such as Turkey, produces little amount of pistachios as well.
Most of pistachio production in Iran is in different parts of the country, especially in Khorasan and Kerman provinces.

Many different varieties of pistachios, such as Akbari, Ahmad Aghaie, Kalle Ghuchi, Fandaghi, Badami and many other varieties of pistachio kernel also produces in Iran.

Open-Mouth pistachios are also using to produce pistachio kernels. But most pistachio kernels produces from Close-Mouth pistachios.

Iranian Pistachio Kernel Types:

Iranian Pistachio Kernels

As mentioned above, the kernels of pistachios produces in Iran are very diverse.
In this article, we will briefly review some of the most important types of pistachio kernels that are more common in the export and import markets.

  1. Purple Skin Pistachio Kernel:

    The purple skin pistachio kernel is producing from both open-mouth and close-mouth pistachio.
    But the pistachio kernels producing by open-mouth pistachios have more purple color on their skin.
    Of course, the kernel produced from close-mouth pistachio is also purple skin, but the purple color is pale.
    Price of close-mouth pistachio’s kernels is much cheaper than kernels produce from open-mouth pistachios.

  2. Green Pistachio Kernel (Kal or Premature):

    To produce this product, pistachio harvests from the tree before it is fully grown and mature. “Kalak” is the Persian name of these pistachios.
    The pistachio kernel of these inshell “Kalak” pistachio is very green in color and its target market is often confectionery, ice cream and sausage makers and more.

  3. Green Peeled Pistachio Kernel:

    This type of pistachio kernel enters the peeling process after shelling “Kalak” (Premature) pistachios.
    To produce green peeled pistachio kernels, the product first places in boiling water, then separate by laser sorting or manually.
    Then the pistachio kernel enters the drying process.
    This type of pistachio kernel is often exporting from Iran based on the amount of green color in 6 grades.
    Which in terms of price is more expensive than other varieties.
    Green Pistachio Kernel Price depends on it’s green color and these kernels are the greenest kernels.

  4. Green Mantle Pistachio Kernel:

    This type of pistachio kernel often does not look very good, but inside it is quite green.
    This type of kernel is mostly produces in Khorasan province.
    Feiz Abadi pistachio kernel is the other Persian name of these kernels.
    These are cheaper than other types. This product is more suitable for factories that use pistachio kernel powder.

Green Pistachio Kernel Price

Green Pistachio Kernel Price

The price of green pistachio kernel depends on many parameters.

But in purchasing for large quantities, it’s always better to connect with producers who work in pistachios.
Because they are both diversified in production and more competitive in price.

Factors that influence the price of pistachio kernel are:

  • Uniformity of the load
  • Being fresh and tasty
  • Absence of foreign materials or any shell of pistachios
  • Suitable packaging
  • Low aflatoxin percentage (for export to countries that are sensitive to this type of fungus)

You can get in touch with sales experts to get the daily price of Green Pistachio kernels and ask for load pictures and price lists.

How to import pistachio kernel from Iran

To import pistachios after determining the destination country and type of end use, you must first determine the type of pistachio kernel to purchase.

After considering the parameters of a good pistachio kernel as described above, the product should pack as standards.

If you have purchased authorized aflatoxin pistachio kernels or plan to keep the product for a long time, be sure to ask the manufacturer to vacuum the products.

Then it is ready to declare to the Iranian Customs.

Import Pistachio Kernels

After the customs procedure, Health Certificates, Phytosanitary Certificate, Certificates of Origin and declarations are received and the cargo is ready to be shipped to the destination country.

All customs and formalities will complete within one to two working days.

In the Artin Factory, all customs duties for the wholesale purchase of pistachio kernels are made completely free of charge.

Buy Pistachio Kernels directly from manufacturer

Buy Pistachio Kernels

Purchasing from the manufacturer and removing the intermediate has always had many benefits.

The most important benefit is to make the price more appropriate. However, in some cases this does not happen!

On the other hand, you are sure that your pistachio kernel will be shelled and produced after ordering.

To buy directly and without brokers, we should look for a factory in Kerman or Khorasan provinces of Iran.
These two provinces have the highest level of orchards of Iranian pistachio varieties.

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