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Barberry Manufacturer

High Quality Barberry Manufacturer | export Import

Almost everyone in this market knows that Iranian Zereshk has the high quality of Barberry and in fact Iran is the main barberry manufacturer in the world.

Puffy barberry and high quality Iranian pomegranate seed barberries are trading in world markets at good prices.

On the other hand, with increase in public knowledge about this product, we are witnessing an increase in the volume of exports and sales of barberry in world markets.

In the following, we will introduce you the types of export quality barberry with export characteristics.

High Quality Iranian Zereshk

Iranian Zereshk

Iran is the world’s largest barberry manufacturer of seedless-edible types.

This barberry has a green color at the beginning of growth, yellow and orange color during the summer season and red color during the harvest season (ripe barberry) and its shape is oval.

The highest consumption of edible barberry relates to Khorasan red barberry.
Of course, other edible barberry, including black barberry and mountain barberry (Wild and with seeds), are also producing in Iran.

However, the amount of production of these products against barberry cultivation in Birjand and Ghaenat is not comparable at all.

High quality Iranian red barberry is very popular in world markets.

This product has a very high variety in consumption and application, and this is one of the reasons for the increase in the export and import volume of barberry varieties from Iran to all parts of the world.

Iranian Barberry name is “Zereshk”.

Barberry (Zereshk) Types for Export/Import

Barberry Types

The two main types of barberry that have the largest volume of exports are:

  1. Puffy (Persian Name: Pofaki) Barberry
  2. Pomegranate seed (Persian Name: Done Anari) barberry

Of course, there are other types, waste barberry and lavashki (Fruit roll) barberry, which have special uses.

The most important issue in barberry export is the conformity of the product with intended quality of the destination country.
Some countries are very sensitive to the amount of moisture, while others focus on the amount of residual toxins.

That is why in choosing the type and quality, you should always buy the desired barberry according to the target country and the type of consumption.

That is why the elders of this field always advise to consult with the activists. Those who are active in the field of the barberry export in Iran to choose the product.
There are many barberry manufacturer in Iran but not all of them are able to export this product.

How to Export Barberry from Iran

Export Barberry

In order to export barberry, it is necessary to prepare these items before shipping the product to the destination country. The barberry is then ready to be sent to customs and then shipped to the destination country.

The following is a brief description of the stages of barberry export:

  • First of all, the type of barberry and its quality must determine according to the destination country.
  • Then the product prepares according to the request and ready to packaging.
  • In case of need to perform testing and preparation of laboratory analyzes and preparation of health certificate, the necessary coordination should do with the relevant organization.
  • All documents must prepare before customs clearance (such as Proforma, Packing List, Business Card, etc.)
  • The consignment should enter into the customs and measure by the evaluator and the representative of the Jihad-e-Agriculture.
  • After performing the administrative formalities, the cargo is sealed by the customs representative and is ready to be sent to the destination customs.
  • Receipt of other certificates by the holder of the business card for clearance in the destination country.

It is hoped that a brief description of the barberry export process will be helpful in supporting barberry exports and helping dear farmers also buyers.

Artin Iranian Barberry Manufacturer

Barberry Manufacturer

Many barberry production factories are active in South Khorasan province of Iran, especially in Birjand city.
But always working with factories that have a long history in this field can greatly reduce work risks.

Barberry exports have been booming since 2015, so farmers try to produce and market their products with higher quality.

Barberry Artin Production factory is one of the barberry manufacturers in this field, which tries to send cargo in accordance with the goods requested by the businessmen and traders of the destination country.

To buy bulk varieties of barberry for export from this factory and also to receive the daily price of products, you can check the official website of Artin Company or contact the sales department.

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