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Artin Company located in Iran is a barberry manufacturer, producer, supplier, and exporter that is exporting Iranian red-seedless edible barberries.

Before anything, you should know that Iran has 2 different varieties of Berberis Vulgaris:

  • Black Barberry
  • Red Barberry

Not only red barberry but also black barberries are edible but the type of consumptions are different.
In fact, if you are searching for edible barberries to produce medicines, you need black barberries.
But if you are searching for barberries to use in foodstuffs, candies, beverages, pastries, and restaurants, you should search for a red barberry manufacturer.

Red barberry has many different varieties of quality and appearance.
You can make direct contact with Artin barberry company to receive more information about Iranian berberis vulgaris fruits.

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