How to Export Iranian Pistachios

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Export Iranian Pistachios

How to Export Iranian Pistachios

Do you know how to export Iranian pistachios directly from Iran to another country? Is there anyone who can do this for you? What are the exporting procedure of nuts and kernels in Iran? Do you know the terms, conditions, details and export method of pistachio as the main export nut of Iran? In this article, we will discuss the steps involved.

Note that there are numerous details for exporting dried nuts, especially pistachios, which are highly of interest to other countries.
We will only outline the main steps and how the overall process is carrying out, therefore recommends for each country.
Contact the Export Sales Unit directly through the contact information provided in the (Contact Us) section for any further information.

In reply to mentioned question, How to Export Iranian Pistachios, we need to do following steps:

Notice: There are many companies such as Artinnuts Pistachios Factory, That do all these procedures for you. But if you want to start any business regarding pistachio wholesale, import as well as reexport, you necessarily need to know these steps.

Supplying pistachio and processing it

Pistachios Sorting Harvesting

Before the product enters the export process and goes through its process, all the requirements of the buyer and the customs must be checked for the target country.
All these steps are to ensure that the best type of export pistachio meets the requirements of the customer and the consignor and customs requirements.

For example, some of these standards are related to health:
As an example, Germany requires very low levels of aflatoxin for pistachio nuts and kernels.
For this purpose, purchasing and processing should be different, or packaging standards that are more customer-oriented.

Following is the assumption that the product has the quality required to obtain these certificates and outline the export procedure for this Iranian Pistachios.

Packaging of pistachios and labeling

Pistachios Packages

After supplying the product and identifying the bulk packaging of the pistachio, you should do labeling.
Labels are often stick on packages containing information of exporting company, importer company, product specifications, and so on.
The information on the labels, first of all, depends on destination customs clearance requirements.

Obtaining pistachio standard certificates

Depending on the country of destination and also terms and conditions of export Iranian pistachios to that country, as well as the standards required for the import of dried nuts into the intended customs, in some cases, especially all EU countries, it is necessary to obtain certificates from the accredited standard laboratory.
Or, for certain specific cases, Get approval from the Food and Drug Administration that these steps must be taken before declaring customs clearance.

Especially in the field of health certificate for exporting pistachio varieties and its products:
Some countries need Aflatoxin certificate that it takes time (at least 6 days)

Declaring pistachio load to customs

Export Iranian Pistachios

The product can be declare to the customs office of the city from which the product supplies with invoices, product specifications, etc.

This step needs a company registered in Iran therefore you need to find reliable company.

Obtaining pistachio phytosanitary certificate

Pistachio Export Documents

The Standard organization of Iranian Customs requires companies exporting nuts and especially pistachios to obtain phytosanitary certificates for their nuts (especially if the cargo is exporting in bulk packages with no registered brand on them).

To receive this document, samples require and must receive the necessary approvals.

Shipping pistachios to destination country

By completing the required customs procedure, we need to arrange shipment, which is not a difficult task.
Usually, Shipping companies that contract with the exporter, will announce procedures to the customer step-by-step.
However, Important thing to do is to check the wagon and container thoroughly before loading large volumes. Also some disinfecting requires (Especially in summer).

There is no need for a reefer container for export Iranian pistachios to your destination country.

B/L or CMR and payment settlement

It is very common for Iranian nuts to do the payment after submitting a draft of B/L or CMR showing the cargo by name and consignee specification.
The most common method of payment is as follows:
(Please notice that this methods mostly use when you are buying from Iran)

  • 20% ​​down payment based on confirmed PI
  • 80% after providing agreed documents.

After the cargo movement, the shipping companies provide the customer with the original bill of lading, which must be sent along with other documents to clear the cargo in destination customs.

Obtain other documents for pistachios export

By presenting some customs documents you can obtain certificate of origin for your product from the Chamber of Commerce.
After that, the documents are complete and ready to be shipped to the customer in the destination country for clearance.

In this article, it was attempted to provide brief but detailed information on export and customs clearance of pistachio consignment.
again, we advise you to make direct contact to Artin Export Department for further details.

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