Import Barberry to Australia | Iranian Berberis Vulgaris

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Import Barberry to Australia

Import Barberry to Australia | Iranian Berberis Vulgaris

Each type of Berberis Vulgaris in Iran is suitable for specific consumption. If you want to Import barberry to Australia from Iran, Artin Co. is one of the producers and suppliers.

Sometimes Pofaki barberry and some other times Anari barberry is good for importing to Australia.
Of course, in the following, we provide the reason for this and the details of the quality and price of Iranian barberry.

There are many different markets for Iranian products, but which type of barberry is suitable for Australia?
What are the uses of Iranian barberry in Australia?
What are the details of the import and the quality characteristics of the product suitable for import to this country?
In addition to importing puffy barberry to Australia, is it possible to sell Iranian pomegranate seed barberry in Australia?
What can we do to buy first-class and first-hand produce from farmers in Iran?
What is the price of each kilo of exported and suitable puffy barberry in Iran (for import barberry to Australia)?

The following are detailed and complete explanations to answer the above questions, which will help you make the right choice.
If the answers are not complete for you or to receive import advice and buy the product, you can click on the image below to contact the export manager of Artin Zereshk Factory:

Uses of Iranian Barberry in Australia

Iranian Berberis Vulgaris

Australia has been a popular destination for many immigrants in recent years.
In fact, in Australia you see a community with diverse tastes from around the world.
Meanwhile, the presence of a significant population of Iranians, Afghans, Arabs and Pakistanis leads to a large group of consumers already familiar with barberry.

This is why barberry uses for sale in packaged form in stores.
In fact, most barberry sells in Australia in Iranian, Afghan and even Arabic stores.

However, it should not be overlooked that barberry consumption is increasing to produce some beverages and jams.

Which type of Berberis Vulgaris (Zereshk) is good to Import to Australia?

Import Barberry to Australia

According to above and the use of barberry in Australia for stores, the appearance of the product is important.
In Iran, since the beginning of barberry production, the puffy type (Pofaki Zereshk) of this product has had a better appearance.
In fact, both in the past and in the current market of barberry, Pofaki Barberry is known for its higher quality.

As a result, if your goal is to buy barberry to import barberry to Australia and sell it in stores in this country, the best option is to buy puffy barberry.
Unfortunately or fortunately, Australian buyers are aware of this as well.
The high sales of puffy barberry and the higher quality of appearance of this product are the reasons for this.

On the other hand, quality and health standards are important for many buyers in Australia.
Of course, the issue of health standards should be more significant in the production process and it’s not related to the type of barberry.
However, the method of puffy barberry production process make this product have a higher hygienic standard.

Despite all the above explanations, if barberry uses in the destination country to produce sweets and confectioneries.
Or barberry uses in beverage production and is actually the raw material for food production.
It is best to focus on the import of pomegranate seed (Anari Zereshk) barberry to Australia.

Pomegranate seed barberry is inherently more juicy and has stronger minerals, so the output of the food industry, when using pomegranate seed barberry, will have higher quality and better color.

How to Buy Barberry from Iran

Buy Iranian Barberry

The process of exporting barberry from Iran to Australia is not very complicate.
In fact, the details of the customs process of this product and its administrative procedure are not very difficult.
But in order for your product to reach Australia with the required quality, you must meet certain standards in advance.
On the other hand, some of these standards are, in fact, the tastes of buyers in Australia:

  • Product moisture should be less than 17%.
  • External materials and waste must be standard or even more clean and sorted.
  • The ash in barberry should not exceed 3.5%.
  • The product must not be in contact with the inner surface of the packaging carton.
  • Putting barberry in nylon and plastic will severely damage the product.

If the above standards are met in the product, it is only necessary to perform the customs process.

Among the documents required for the export of barberry to Australia, is the Health Certificate of barberry.

Of course, this certificate is not a requirement for Iranian customs, and the need to receive it must be checked based on the documents required for clearance in the destination country. Due to changes in customs regulations, you may not require to provide this document at the time of purchase.

To obtain a health certificate, the exporting company must apply before customs procedure begin.

Packaging to Import Barberry to Australia

Barberry Import Packaging

Due to the long sea route from Iran to Australia, you need to pay special attention to the packaging.
If your product doesn’t have the right packaging, whether or not your barberry is puffy or pomegranate seed, you’ll probably get black barberry at customs and full of pests and tiny butterflies.

To prevent these problems, it is necessary to observe the following points:

  1. Barberry should not be in direct contact with the internal surface of the carton (destination customs standard).
  2. Barberry should not place inside nylon or plastic (it will mold the product).
  3. Air traffic between barberry and the outside environment should not be interrupted.

Artin Company uses a special type of fabric bag to solve packaging problems, so all relevant issues for the export of barberry to Australia have been observed.

Artin’s barberry export packages prevent barberry from being damaged to some extent, but for long distances, reefer containers must use for transportation.

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