Importing Iranian Pistachio to Georgia | Pistachios Direct Purchase

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Importing Iranian Pistachio to Georgia | Pistachios Direct Purchase

Importing Iranian Pistachio to Georgia | Pistachios Direct Purchase

Importing Iranian pistachio to Georgia is a great business if you buy the pistachios and do a direct purchase from the producers in Iran.

Iranian producers are exporting Pistachios to Georgia often in two types: Ahmad Aghaei and Fandoghi.
Obviously, competitive prices are really important for the buyers not only in Georgia but also in any other market.
The largest volume of pistachio importing from Iran to Georgia is Class B Iranian pistachio nuts.

These pistachios are a combination of natural pistachios and mechanical open qualities. In fact, it depends on your market and before importing pistachio from Iran to Georgia, you should make your decision about the quality according to your market tendency.

But if you have a plan for Importing mechanical open pistachio nuts to Georgia, you should that these products are available in the market of Georgia in the form of roasted and salted pistachios that it means you need to buy:

Roasted and Salted Mechanical Open Pistachio Nuts

Varieties of Iranian Pistachios for Importing

Varieties of Iranian Pistachios for Importing

Pistachio is one of the most important and strategic export products of Iran.
Exported pistachios are available in the market with different types and qualities.

Each type of pistachio has its own uses and usually, countries use a certain type of pistachio.
Of course, this is not 100% true and it can be said that the main volume of pistachios sent is of a special type.
But other types of pistachios are also sent to the target country with a lower volume.

Here we want to get more familiar with Iranian export-quality pistachios.
Below we will refer to the types of pistachios for export/import.

  • Badami Pistachio
  • Ahmadaghaei Pistachio
  • Akbari Pistachio
  • Fandoghi or Ouhadi Pistachios
  • Kalleghouchi Pistachios

Of course, we have to make a point here.

There are many buyers that don’t know and don’t use these names for pistachio nuts and kernels. They usually categorize pistachios depending on their shape as follows:

  1. Round Pistachio Nuts and Kernels
  2. Super Long Pistachio Nuts and Kernels
  3. Long Pistachio Nuts and Kernels
  4. Jumbo Pistachio Nuts and Kernels

Artin Pistachio Wholesale Center

Artin Pistachio Wholesale Center

The Artin company is one of the collections that sells and exports pistachios.
In this collection, we try to supply your pistachios in the best way and supply them to domestic and foreign markets.
This collection tries to offer you the best and highest quality pistachios at the lowest price.

We hope that with your cooperation, we can offer Iranian pistachios at the lowest price to all domestic and foreign markets and supply high-quality pistachios in these markets.

To buy and for importing different types of Iranian pistachio nuts and kernels directly from Iran to Georgia, you can contact Artin sales and export consultants.
By clicking on the image below, you can message our export manager directly:

Mechanical Open Pistachios

Mechanical Open Pistachios

It can be said that the main pistachio exports/imports to Georgia are mechanical open pistachios.
Mechanical open pistachios are pistachios that were close-mouth and now they are open (using water and mechanical processes).

The most important reason for buying this type of pistachio in Georgia is the health of this product.
We will explain more about this in the next sections.

In pistachios that are not Natural-Open, no foreign materials, bacteria or viruses will enter.
For this reason, in special conditions, these pistachios and this type of pistachios are almost free of any germs.
These kinds of pistachio nuts are perfect for importing to Georgia.
By the way, roasted and salted mechanical open pistachios are more of interest for the buyers in Georgia because of the better taste.

Pistachio standards for Georgia

Pistachio standards for Georgia

To import pistachios to countries like Georgia, we must pay attention to important points.
Things can happen if the thin skin on the pistachio is not removed quickly after harvesting.

Two important events are:

  • A fungus called Aflatoxin might appear in pistachios.
  • This type of fungus produces a poison called Aflatoxin.

Various European countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain as well as Georgia, and some other countries are very sensitive to this fungus.
For this reason, Aflatoxin should not be higher than the standard level in pistachios.

Let us name the documents that you need to import Iranian pistachios to Georgia:

  1. At first, Invoice
  2. Packing List
  3. Certificate of Origin
  4. Phytosanitary Certificate
  5. Laboratory analysis of Aflatoxin approved by the Iranian ministry of health
  6. Healthcare Certificate with the confirmation of the laboratory analysis
  7. Finally, CMR

How about the Price of Pistachios for Georgia?

How about the Price of Pistachios for Georgia?

The price of pistachios in Georgia depends on several factors.
One of the most important factors that increase the price of this product is the certificates that you can read more about them in the previous sections.

There are two ways to export pistachios to Georgia from Iran.

  • At first, Preparing pistachio orchards for export to this country and producing pistachios with the lowest amount of aflatoxin.
  • Second, Mechanically opening pistachios and importing them to Georgia due to the lack of aflatoxin in this product if they are recently opened and produced.

Obviously, the first method is very costly and will not be economical.
For this reason, buyers are mostly importing pistachios to this country in the form of mechanical open varieties, and this itself causes some reduction in the price of pistachios. Because the price of mechanical open pistachio nut is lower than natural open variety.

Different packages of pistachios also have a significant impact on the cost of the product.
Some customers are considering special packages which will increase the cost price.
Due to the important factors in the export to Georgia, the work of traders and exporters will be a little difficult.

The Artin pistachio sales and export consultants can help you in purchasing an ideal product with the least amount of aflatoxin.

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