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Pistachio Nuts Exporter

Iran Pistachio Nuts Exporter Manufacturer Supplier

Are you searching for a pistachio nuts exporter in Iran? There is not only one manufacturer and supplier, but also many exporters in Kerman and Khorasan.

Certainly, the best and most appropriate price and quality is achievable when buying Pistachio Nuts  from the manufacturer and main suppliers directly. Especially in the case of exports, if the producer is able to meet the required standards, it will certainly be the best option for export.

Pistachio prices are very competitive in the export market, and of course the volume of demand is high.
In 2020, the price of Iranian pistachios fell sharply due to the spread of Corona Virus.
Ordinary Iranian pistachios had previously risen to 11 USD/Kg in international markets.

Meanwhile, in May 2020, if the pistachio exported directly from the producer, the same 11 USD pistachio could be bought for less than 7 Usd/Kg.
Of course, the price of pistachios is up to date and it experiences many changes daily or weekly.
Therefore, for information about products or prices of direct purchase of pistachios, contact the manufacturer:

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Iranian Pistachios for Export/Import

Pistachio Nuts Exporter

Perhaps the title of this section is very general and a book can be written about it.
In fact, the volume of Iran’s pistachio nuts export market is so vast that its details cannot sum up.

The characteristics of Iranian export pistachio nuts determine by the buyer’s demand.
For example, pistachios exporting to Russia may never be suitable for export to Canada.
However, here are some explanations of the important standards of exporting pistachios.

Keep in mind that these standards are important when buying pistachios directly from the manufacturer.
In fact, given that most Iranian manufacturers and suppliers have experience in the traditional market, they are not very aware of the recognition of their product’s export standards.

It is up to the buyer to control more of the features in his product and be aware of them.

Pistachio Nuts Standards in Appearance

Pistachio Nuts Exporter

  1. Ounce (size of pistachio): The number of pistachios in 28.35 grams of pistachio product is its Size.
    The lower the number, the larger the size of the pistachio, so the higher the price.
  2. Percentage of closed mouth: The number of close-mouth pistachios in 100 pieces of product is calling the percentage of closed mouth load.
    This percentage can also be weighed, ie the number of close-mouth pistachios per 100 grams of product.
  3. Percentage of slightly open pistachios: The term slightly open pistachios is a more specialize issue. In fact, it depends on the buyer and the seller, but in general, slightly open pistachio nuts are pistachios that are not completely open and the pistachio kernel is not very visible.
  4. Percentage of two side open pistachios: The percentage of these pistachios that are open and smiling on both sides affect the appearance of the cargo.

There are other issues that need to address in terms of buyer and exporter:

  • all the nuts are the same size or not
  • Pistachio nuts bony skin color
  • The color of pistachio kernel’s skin
  • And many more

Pistachio Nuts Health Standards

Pistachio Nuts Exporter

It can be said that the most difficult export pistachio standard in terms of health is the aflatoxin standard.

Aflatoxin is a fungus that leaves a toxin (aflatoxin) on the product and its percentage should not exceed a certain amount.

The permitted percentage of aflatoxin poison in the export cargo depends on the conditions and standard of the importing country.
Don’t forget to ask your producer and pistachio nuts supplier about this when buying pistachios directly from the manufacturer.

A well known pistachio nuts exporter to ask is Artin Company in Iran:

Other general standards that are measuring in product health check:

  1. Pests of pistachios
  2. Residual toxins in the product
  3. Physical and chemical testing of pistachio health and standard, and especially the residual heavy metal test
  4. Moisture level

Pistachio Nuts Packaging Standards

Pistachio Nuts Exporter

It is up to the buyer to choose the right type of packaging, and in this regard, the buyer’s opinion is the criterion.
Different markets have different tastes in choosing the type of packaging.
And especially if the use of the product as a raw material in the production of other products is the type of bulk packaging.
For example, if your buyer uses export oriented pistachios to make sweets or ice cream, they may be asking for carton packaging.

In general, in terms of packaging, the standard is the same as the customer’s taste, and there are no specific restrictions in this regard.

Pistachio Nuts for Wholesale

Pistachio Nuts Exporter

Fresh pistachio harvest season varies in different cities and provinces of Iran.
In general, this harvest season begins in early September and continues until the end of November.
Of course, if you want to buy pistachio products at a reasonable price at the beginning of the season, you should go to orchards.

Buying pistachios directly from the orchards (Exporter/Manufacturer/Supplier) does not mean that the price difference is too high at the beginning of the season, in fact, at the beginning of the season, the right price is easier to find.

The above phrase needs to explain that many Iranian pistachio manufacturers are in a good financial position.
This means that they will not need to sell pistachios in a hurry at very low prices.
Also, the shelf life of pistachio products is such that they can decide to sell their product for several months.

Artin Pistachio Nuts Exporter

Pistachio Nuts Exporter

Artin Company is one of the Iranian pistachio companies that performs the procedure of producing pistachios nuts from A to Z.
In fact, these stages start from production in orchards and include packaging and supply in stores.

Artin operates mostly at the beginning of the season by processing fresh pistachios by export standards.
Adherence to these export standards during the harvest season is much cheaper than changing its quality in the future.

Artin’s knowledge and export experience has also helping us to provide many services in the field of exports.

If you want to buy an export, you can visit Artin’s Persian website in the domestic market:

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