Iranian Dried Barberry Factory | Artin Zereshk Exporter

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Iranian Dried Barberry Factory

Iranian Dried Barberry Factory | Artin Zereshk Exporter

There are not various and numerous Iranian dried barberry factory that can supply and export Iranian Zereshk. Artin company is a barberry exporter.

Iranian barberry is processed by workshop units or production plants in South Khorasan.
The production and processing stages of dried barberry are very long and time-consuming.
Barberry factories need to sort the products several times.
There are several types of machinery doing these sorting procedures in various steps.

Drying and Processing Iranian Zereshk

Drying Iranian Zereshk

There are two main methods and ways to dry barberry fruits.
The first method is drying barberries under direct sunlight and this barberry is Iranian Anari Zereshk.
Another method is drying barberries in the hall (under the shoulder, not under the sunlight). Iranian Pofaki Zereshk is the result of this drying method.

In the Artin Iranian Dried Barberry Factory, both of these varieties are available all around the year.
In the first method, it takes about 1 to 2 months for the barberry moisture to reach its standard level.
But in the second method, we need about 4 to 5 months for the barberry to dry.

Once the barberry has reached its normal moisture, it is time for other treatments to be done on it.
The most important steps and processes of preparing barberries for marketing are:

  • Separating of large leaves and branches
  • Secondary sorting
  • Separating tails
  • Cleaning
  • packing

There are various devices to perform these steps in workshops and barberry processing factories.
Barberry processing is very time consuming and must be done with great care.
So that the product is not seriously damaged in the production process and is prepared with the best quality for distribution in domestic and export markets.

Artin Iranian Dried Barberry Factory Processes

Iranian Dried Barberry Factory

Barberry planting, drying, and processing center is in South Khorasan province.
The province is the largest producer of seedless red barberry in the world.

Red barberry in this region has many medicinal and therapeutic properties and it is also using to produce various medicines.
In addition to the barberry fruit itself, there is berberine in the stem and root of the barberry shrub, which is of interest to various pharmaceutical companies.

Many factories and manufacturing companies in this region of the country are processing barberry.
Most of the barberry exports are from the customs of Khorasan province. In fact, If you are searching for a source to find any barberry exporter, you need to check Khorasan province.

Artin Factory is one of the activists in the field of sales and export of barberry in Khorasan province.
In this collection, Iranian dried barberries factories are processing and packaging various types of barberry in different qualities.
Fortunately, the Artin company performs all export affairs and customs formalities for this product.

If you need to receive and obtain a special certificate for the destination country, be sure to discuss the matter with experts in the business sector.

How to Buy Iranian Red Berberis Vulgaris Fruits?

Iranian Red Berberis Vulgaris Fruit

To buy barberry in bulk, you should consider several points when ordering.
First, according to the type of consumption and also the destination country, you need to select the appropriate variety of dried barberries. Both POFAKI and ANARI Zereshk are the most important and famous varieties of this product.
These Persian names of Iranian barberry varieties are common not only in Iran but also in other countries.

It is then necessary to check whether a specific certificate or analysis of the product is necessary at the destination customs or not?
If a special certificate is necessary, the Iranian barberry exporter factory should coordinate to prepare this certificate.
Health certificate is an example of these documents.

In other words, it should be seen whether the seller company has the ability to offer this certificate or the conditions for receiving it or not?
After that, you should buy the product.

In Iranian customs, it is very easy for well-known companies to perform customs formalities.
The only license required to export barberry from Iran is a phytosanitary certificate and a certificate of barberry cultivation.
Which must be received from Jehad-e-Agricultural Organization by the exporter.

If you need to get more information in the field of barberry export, you can use the following educational video.

Iranian Dried Barberry Export Parameters and Price

Iranian Dried Barberry

We will examine the most important and main parameters for barberry export in the section.
One of the main features for buying and exporting barberry is the appearance of the product.
Which is in terms of color and puffy-shape of the product.

Then there are other quality parameters that you need to check them in laboratories.
Of course, many of these cases can be apparently and approximately confirmed or rejected.

The main parameters that are important for the producers in the processing of barberry are:

  1. Percentage of Moisture
  2. Percentage of barberries with tail on them
  3. The percentage of foreign materials (gravel, razor, leaves, etc.)
  4. The amount of total ash and insoluble ash
  5. Also, The amount of crushing and bruised barberries
  6. And also, the percentage of immature barberries

About 15 parameters are available in Standard 3337 of Iran, the most important of which were above items.
If you need to buy or export barberry in bulk, you can contact our partners in the Artin sales department.
Or, by filling out the forms available in the consulting and sales department, wait for our colleagues to contact you.

We hope to be able to cooperate with you by providing high-quality products as well as customs shipping and handling services.

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