Iranian Export Barberries | Red Berberis Vulgaris Fruits

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Iranian Export Barberries

Iranian Export Barberries | Red Berberis Vulgaris Fruits

Iranian Export Barberries (red Berberis Vulgaris fruits) have various consumption in Germany, Canada, the USA, Qatar, Iraq, Kuwait, Russia, and Ukraine.

The export of the first-class barberry along with saffron is very prosperous in Iran.
Puffy-shape barberry and high-quality pomegranate-seeds-shape barberries in South Khorasan have many customers in export markets.
Iranian export barberries have some features and standards that we discuss in the following.

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Iranian Export Barberries

Iranian Export Barberries

South Khorasan Provice of Iran is the main production center of Iranian dried barberries (Dried Berberis Vulgaris Fruits).
In this region, barberry and saffron have been planted as two agricultural products in high volumes.

Saffron has long been one of the main exports of Iran to the international markets.
In recent years, barberry has also been recognized by the people in the markets of important countries.
Many traders and merchants of these countries, along with other agricultural products, also buy barberry from Iran.

In the early years, the volume of orders was low, but from 2013 onwards, the number of applications for the purchase of Iranian barberry increased day by day.

This issue causes farmers and agricultural activists in Iran to increase the area under cultivation of red barberries.
Barberry shrub is very strong and has a high adaptation to the climate of South Khorasan province.
In addition to Saffron and Barberry, Unab (Red Dates Jujubee) is another special product of South Khorasan.

High-Quality Iranian Barberry Fruit

Iranian Barberry Fruit

Iranian first-class barberry is exporting to different world markets in different types.
The most important types of Iranian barberry for export are puffy-shape and pomegranate-shape barberry.

For the export of the first-class barberry, quality parameters must be considered:

  • Load uniformity of shape
  • New crops and fresh taste
  • Standard moisture percentage
  • No tails on the berries
  • Absence of foreign matter (branches, leaves, etc.)
  • Low amount of immaturity and white color barberries

Some of these tests are doing by food laboratories.

Iranian export barberries are not subject to mandatory standards and only if this product complies with the parameters defined by the Food and Drug Administration, it can be easily exported.

Iranian barberry in large volumes is sending in bulk to different countries.
Pomegranate-seed-shape barberry is cheaper than puffy-shape barberry and is very popular in Russia, Ukraine, and Turkey.
But puffy-shape barberry has more buyers in Canada, Germany, and Italy due to its light color and lower moisture content.

Anyway, the above paragraph doesn’t mean that you can not export other varieties of barberry to the mentioned country.
For example, pomegranate-shape barberries are using for the production of medicine and also for use in various candies and sweets in Germany.

Therefore, the type of consumption and application in this field is of great importance for export.

Puffy and Pomegranate Shape Iranian Export Barberries Price

Iranian Export Barberries

As mentioned in the previous section, puffy-shape barberry is more expensive than other types.
But pomegranate barberries have a better price than puffy varieties.

You can receive the prices of all varieties of this product with different qualities by making direct contact with the Artinnuts company.
The price of barberry after choosing its type is dependent on quality parameters as well as product packaging.
On the other hand, supply and demand in the market are important parameters determining the price of products.

For the export-qualities, some parameters change and this has a direct impact on the price.
Some export customers need organic barberry or healthy barberry, the price of which is very different from other types of barberry.
Obviously, the quality parameters of these products are also different.

Artin Barberry company is one of the exporters of organic and healthy barberry with no pesticides.

Necessary Certificates for Iranian barberry exports

Iranian barberry exports

There is no set standard for barberry exports as described.
About different types of barberry, there is only one laboratory analysis that examines and measures barberry based on 16 parameters.

For this reason, we do not need a standard product certificate or production unit to export any type of barberry.
For barberry exports, it is necessary to issue a plant health certificate or quarantine certificate calls “Phytosanitary Cert.” at the origin customs by a representative of the Agricultural Jihad Organization after visiting and inspecting the cargo.

At some point in time, the customs assessor also asks the Jihad Organization for a letter stating that the crop is not a wild type of barberry.
Except for these cases, no other certificate is required for the export of barberry from Iran.
But if the customer in the target country needs a special certificate or analysis, the manufacturer in Iran will do so.
For example, some customers ask the manufacturer or exporter for a valid analysis of product toxins and pesticides for the products they need.

In relation to barberry, the Artin barberry production company is one of the suppliers of this type of barberry in export markets.
For more information, you can contact our partners in the sales and trade unit.

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