Iranian Fandoghi Pistachios | How to find a Supplier?

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Iranian Fandoghi Pistachios | How to find a Supplier?

Iranian Fandoghi pistachios are almost common in all countries. This variety is affordable as well. But, how to find a pistachio supplier?

The best samples of Fandoghi pistachios are available in Zarand, Kerman, as well as Khorasan province, and you can get the daily price of pistachios for export/import orders from the Artin dried fruit sales and export unit.

Iranian Fandoghi pistachios are one of the types of pistachios that are known by this name due to its round kernel shape and has export value. In fact, Fandogh in Persian means Hazelnut, and Fandoghi’s name means that the shape of these pistachios is like Hazelnut.
This pistachio is of interest to many buyers because of its excellent taste and special shape.

The reasonable price and beautiful appearance of this product cause its export/import volume to different countries to be very high.
At present, a significant amount of Fandoghi pistachio production in Iran is in Khorasan Razavi province. And the area under cultivation of this product is increasing every year.

Export Destinations of Iranian Fandoghi Pistachios

Fandoghi pistachio is one of the four main types of Iranian pistachio.
Due to its spherical shape, this pistachio is able to have a good outlook for consumers.
On the other hand, the price of this type of pistachio, due to its size, is less than its counterparts such as Akbari pistachio.
For this reason, different countries are very interested in Iranian Fandoghi pistachios.

This pistachio is in use for export to many countries. These countries include China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Iraq, Georgia, Pakistan, Canada, Uzbekistan, Hong Kong, Germany, and France.
Of course, the point in exporting to these countries is to assess the needs before buying. In fact, you should know what product your consumer is most interested in in the target market and choose to consume it before buying the cargo.

Pistachio Factories and Suppliers

As you read in the previous section, the Fandoghi pistachio is one of the main and most widely used Iranian pistachios.
On the other hand, Khorasan Razavi province is able to make significant progress in the production of this type of pistachio. Khorasan Razavi province in general in recent years with the combination of pistachio seedlings and its suitable climate has been able to become one of the main centers of pistachio production.

In this regard, several pistachio recording terminals and factories are in this province.
By processing pistachios, these terminals are able to create good employment for the citizens of Khorasan Razavi.
Fandoghi pistachios are also available in abundance in Bardaskan. Bardaskan city produces a large volume of Fandoghi pistachios due to its climate and conditions. In this regard, Bardaskan pistachio recording terminals have a high focus on this pistachio.

Current Price of Fandoghi Pistachio

The price of pistachios and their products is determined according to several parameters. These parameters include pistachio size, pistachio color, type of pistachio purchased, and type of packaging.
Of course, the price of pistachios has fluctuated a lot in recent times. In general, the price of pistachios is highly dependent on the USD due to the high export of this product.
This can be considered as the most important reason for the price fluctuation of pistachios.
For this reason, we must have the daily price of our desired product in hand.

As mentioned, Fandoghi pistachio producers and pistachio recording terminals are present in the Bardaskan area.
Artin Company is also one of the collections that sells and exports pistachios.
This company, with its numerous connections and structure, has been able to create many advantages for traders, including lowering the price of products. In fact, you can contact the manufacturers with a simple call to buy the product you want.

This reduces the ancillary costs and, in parallel, the cost of the products. At the same time, the problems of finding the main producers in Bardaskan will be eliminated.

You can contact the consultants of Artin Trading Company to consult, buy, export, import, or receive the daily rate of your desired pistachio. Artin collection consultants will help you with a convenient and fast purchase.

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