Iranian Jujube Price | Dried Ziziphus Jujuba Fruit

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Iranian Jujube Price | Dried Ziziphus Jujuba Fruit

Iranian Jujube Price | Dried Ziziphus Jujuba Fruit

The Artin company produces dried Ziziphus Jujuba fruit for wholesale and export. How much is the Iranian jujube price for import?

The Artin company is a producer of jujube fruits in Iran. Also, this company exports Iranian jujube fruits at a competitive price to other countries.

Dried jujube is available in Iran but Iranian Anab (Persian Jujube) is really different from Chinese. These differences are more in the field of taste, color, size, and shape.

Jujube harvest in Iran begins in August and this process lasts for about 1 month to 40 days.
In the harvest season, fresh jujube is available for wholesale in the market. By the way, Iran’s jujube orchards are in the southern Khorasan province of this country.

In the following, we will talk more about jujube, its online sales website, current prices, and the main wholesale centers.

Jujube Wholesale Website in Iran

Jujube Wholesale Website in Iran

Many online sales websites in cyberspace are offering different products. Fresh jujube and dried jujube are no exception.
But before buying jujube, the credibility and ability of the company providing jujube should be examined.

One of the main websites for jujube suppliers in South Khorasan Province is the Artin jujube production, sales, and export center.
In this center, the best jujubes are available in bulk at fair prices according to the quality of the product.
By the way, the Persian website of Artin company is for the buyers that are in Iran or are Iranian:

مجموعه خشکبار و میوه خشک آرتین

As you know, the largest jujube production center in Iran is Khorasan. Jujubes of this region of the country account for more than 97% of Iranian jujube (Onab-Anab) products.

Purchasing Iranian Jujube Directly

Purchasing Iranian Jujube Directly

In the Khorasan province of Iran, the highest area under jujube orchards is in Birjand city. Various areas in the city are in the production, processing, sale, and export of jujube.

To buy jujube, we must first check what kind of jujube we need because there are different qualities for jujube.
Jujube is available in the market in different quality categorize based on various parameters that should be considered when buying.

Big size jujube is in use as a NUT in nut stores and shops in the market, while small size jujube is in use in medicines (medicinal jujube) or to produce jujube powder or cubes.
Which depends on the type of consumption or the target market, what kind of jujube is suitable and has the best reception.

For this, you can use the free advice of companies producing and selling jujube in Birjand.

Iranian Jujube Price

Iranian Jujube Price

The price of jujube depends on various parameters, some of the most important of which we will examine.

Jujube color – Jujube size – Jujube seed size – Jujube taste – Wrinkles – Packaging

Light-colored jujube usually has a larger core (seed) than liver-color jujube.
Wrinkles in light jujube are often less, and in some markets, this is very important.
Liver jujube has a sweeter taste than light-brown jujube.

Jujube sizing is also different in different companies. For example, in the Artin Anab (Jujube) Company, 7 sizing codes are in use for easier selection of customers.

All these parameters affect the price of jujube fruits (dried or fresh).
But if we want to express the prices to some extent, we can consider the following price list for jujube (2022):

  • Mix-color and small-size jujube fruits (Code G): from 0.35 USD/Kg to 0.55 USD/Kg
  • Light-brown and Medium-size jujube (Code F): from 0.55 USD/Kg to 0.70 USD/Kg
  • Dark-brown and Medium-size jujube (Code E): from 0.65 USD/Kg to 0.80 USD/Kg
  • Light-brown and Big-size jujube (Code D): from 0.8 USD/Kg to 1.2 USD/Kg
  • Dark-brown and Big-size jujube (Code E): from 1 USD/Kg to 1.75 USD/Kg
  • First-class and Uniform Big-size jujube (Code B): from 1.75 USD/Kg to 2 USD/Kg
  • Hand-selected Dark-brown and  Big-size jujube (Code A): from 2 USD/Kg to 2.5 USD/Kg

Of course, in some time periods, prices fluctuate, which is recommended at the time of purchase to receive the price from the Artin jujube sales unit.

Dried Jujube Fruits Export/Import

Dried Jujube Fruits Export/Import

Artin company exports Jujube every year in large volumes from Iran to different countries. Artin jujube company is one of the active jujube exporting companies in Khorasan province that performs all customs affairs and certification procedures.

The Artin jujube is one of the companies with a competitive advantage in the sale and export of jujube due to performing all the following processes.

  • Taking care of orchards and mass production of jujube
  • Mechanized harvesting of jujube
  • Basic and hygienic drying procedures of jujube (up to standard moisture content)
  • Sorting and sizing jujube Manually and Mechanically
  • Jujube packaging

All these processes are done professionally in Artin jujube commercial production company every year.
Different countries buy Iranian jujube, the most important of which are the following:

Pakistan – India – Iraq – Turkey – Canada – UK – Netherlands

Of course, each of these export markets buys a specific type of Iranian jujube. In Iraq, for example, light-color jujube is more in demand than liver-color jujube.
But in the Canadian and Dutch markets, large and sweet liver-color jujube has the highest order registration. In fact, bigger sizes of jujubes are of interest to these markets.
But for India, the cheapest jujubes are in use for powdering and grinding. Medicinal jujube has many buyers in the Indian market.

To receive advice or bulk purchase of the product, you can contact the Artin Jujube Sales and Trading Unit.

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