Iranian Pistachio Kernels Distribution for Confectioneries

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Iranian Pistachio Kernels Distribution

Iranian Pistachio Kernels Distribution for Confectioneries

The Artin company is active in the business of Iranian pistachio kernels distribution for confectioneries, ice cream, and sweets.

There are various types of pistachio kernels using in food products. Some of them are suitable for ice cream, some for chocolates, and some others for confectioneries and sweets.

Granulated pistachio kernel is one of the essential ingredients for ice cream.
Green pistachio kernels are common for sweets and confectioneries.
Also, the purple skin and uniform size kernels are good for pistachio kernels distribution for chocolate factories.

The Artin pistachio kernel production line distributes the best pistachio kernels in various qualities and sizes almost all over the world.

The low price of these kernels is for use in ice cream and a few varieties of confectioneries.
These pistachio kernels for ice cream must have certain characteristics.
In the following, we will give an explanation about these parameters.

The distribution of this product in the hot seasons of the year increases due to the use of more types of ice creams.
In this regard, Artin Group tries to provide this product mainly to workshop units and ice cream and sweets producers.
Obviously, you can import Iranian pistachio kernels for distribution in your country by getting purchase services from the Artin pistachio company.

Pistachio Kernels for Ice Cream

Pistachio Kernels for Ice Cream

Iran is one of the largest producers of pistachios in the world.
In this country, there is a very high diversity in the field of pistachio production.

Farmers in different parts of the country have entered the field of pistachio cultivation and production.
Kerman, Khorasan Razavi, and Yazd provinces have the most produces of this product.
Most pistachio kernel production units are also active in these parts of Iran.

Pistachio kernel production is more diverse than pistachio nut.
Because we can produce and make different varieties of pistachio kernels by cracking each variety of pistachio nuts.
Now we have to examine what kind of pistachio kernels are suitable for distribution in the market for ice cream and sweets.

Parameters for Pistachio Kernels and Granules

Pistachio Kernels and Granules

The first and most important parameter is the price of pistachio kernels.
Because if expensive pistachio kernels are in use, the final price of the product (ice cream or sweets) will rise and make sales difficult.

On the other hand, the quality of the product should not be too low.
Because the freshness and taste of the nut inside the ice cream are very important to satisfy customers.

Another important parameter for pistachio kernels suitable for ice cream is their greenness.
Obviously, this product is sometimes in use in powder form for decoration.

Another important parameter to consider is the absence of foreign matter in the pistachio kernels.
Because many times, there is hard pistachio skin among the pistachio kernels that is incredibly bad.
If ice cream and confectionery manufacturers do not pay attention to this issue, there is a possibility of damage to customers’ mouths and teeth.

Now, the Artin pistachio kernel production company is a solution to have a pistachio kernel with the above features.
To learn more about this type of pistachio kernel, read the following parts of this article.

Pistachio Granule Wholesale

Pistachio Granule Wholesale

Artin Wholesale and Distribution Department has a special offer for ice cream and confectionery workshops.
In this company, various processes are performed on the pistachio kernels to be ready for this use.

The first step is sorting pistachio granules by size.
Artin pistachio granules are in 4 different sizes.
With this innovation, there is no need for the production units to grind the pistachios by themselves.

After sorting by size, we start removing foreign materials from pistachio kernels in Artin company.
This process is in two stages: device (laser) and manual to minimize waste.

After that, the pistachio kernels are ready for packaging.
In this collection, all products are in 10 kg vacuum cartons for high durability.
Also, In this way, ice cream buyers and producers buy pistachio kernels with ease throughout the year.

With this method, the popularity of Artin granulated pistachio kernels has increased, and sometimes customers are queuing for a few days to receive the product.

Pistachio Kernels Online Purchase and Distribution

Pistachio Kernels Distribution

By designing an online sales website, Artin Company intends to communicate directly with producers.
Obviously, one of its important advantages for both parties is the competitive price without intermediaries.

With this method, pistachio kernels reach the buyer faster and they use this product as a raw material at a cheaper price.
If you also want to buy bulk pistachio kernels for ice cream, you can contact the Artin sales unit.

Our partners will send you photos of different codes of pistachio kernels so that the desired product can be sent as soon as possible after your approval.

Also, you can visit the Artin Persian Website as well.

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