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Iranian Pistachio Kernels Factory

Iranian Pistachio Kernels Factory | Artin Nuts Company

If you are searching for an Iranian pistachio kernels factory to supply pistachio products, Check the Artin Nuts Company as one of the exporters.

Are you familiar enough with the large and main factories for the production and packaging of pistachio kernels?
Which pistachio kernel price can be received daily from the Artin pistachio kernel production unit?

Join us to get familiar with Artin pistachio kernel products and also to find out how to check the prices of these products.
This article refers to the pistachio kernels and the packaging.

Artin Iranian Pistachio Kernels Factory

Iranian Pistachio Kernels Factory

Different types of pistachio kernels are available in various packages and with very high quality through the factory that produces this product.
Many nutritionists recommend the consumption of pistachios in different age groups because it has miraculous effects on the body.

The most important minerals in pistachio kernels are iron, vitamin A, phosphorus, calcium, protein, and potassium. which makes this product has a very high nutritional value.

The most important and main products of Artin pistachio kernel factory are as follows:

  • Different types of purple skin pistachio kernels
  • Halved and Broken pistachio kernels
  • Different types of pistachio granules (in 3 sizes)
  • Badami pistachio kernels (Feyzabadi – green belly)
  • Also, normal close-mouth pistachio kernel
  • And also, peeled and not-peeled green pistachio kernels (in 6 different grades and qualities)

In this Iranian pistachio kernels factory, due to the use of an automatic laser sorting machine, all products with high quality are available.
In other words, in one step, all foreign materials and wastes separate from the main products by the device.
The most important waste that must be separated from the pistachio kernels (that is likely to harm the consumer) is the hard shell of the pistachio.
The absence of skin between the pistachio kernels is of great importance for workshops and factories producing sweets.

Artin Pistachio Granules Production Line

Artin Pistachio Granules

One of the specialized production lines of pistachio kernels in the Artin factory is the production line of low-price granule pistachio kernels.
One of the features and advantages of granulated pistachio kernels in this industrial unit is the same size and quality throughout the year.

In this production unit, all products enter the next production process after sorting by size.
In other words, small pistachio kernels are not a mixture and are available in 3 classes according to the size standards of Artin company.

This sorting (by size) makes the final product perfect to use in pastries, chocolates, and various confectioneries.
Especially in workshops where pistachio kernels enter the product automatically through the machine.

All products enter the sorting stage and manual inspection after passing through the laser sorting machine (Color Sort).
Due to the possibility of machine error, one step all the products are passed over the tape and workers check it visually.
If there are any losses in the load, separation is done at this stage.

After this stage is the packaging of pistachio kernels, for which there are various ways and methods.
The Artin company mostly packages its pistachio kernels according to customers’ requests and needs.

Packaging of Artin Iranian Pistachio Kernels Factory

Packaging of Artin Iranian Pistachio

There are many different ways to pack pistachio kernels.
But the usual and main methods of this work are in 3 ways:

  • Bags (in weights of 30 and 50 kg)
  • Cartons (in weights of 10 and 12.5 kg)
  • Vacuumed plastics in carton (weighing 10 kg)

According to the request and needs of customers, all types of packaging in the Artin collection are possible. In fact, the cost and price of the final product depend on this packaging method.
In addition to not changing the condition and quality of the product, vacuum packing also increases its durability.
For this reason, workshops that store pistachio kernels for a long time recommend buying pistachio kernels in vacuum packages.
Also, if the moisture of the environment is high, such as regions near the sea or different islands, this type of packaging must be used.

This type of packaging is also suitable for export cases where the product is on the road for a long time. Or even when the product’s shipping is via the sea.

Prices of Pistachio Kernels

Prices of Pistachio Kernels

To get the daily price, you need to first determine the variety of pistachio kernels you are looking for.
After that, by having the following items, you can receive the daily price of the requested product as soon as possible:

  • Required volume (Orders Quantity)
  • Type of packaging
  • Time and Term of delivery

By giving the above information to the Artin sales experts, you can get the daily price of the product.
There are several ways to get in touch with experts.
One of the easiest of them is to complete the forms available in the footer section of the site.
Our partners will contact you as soon as possible and will send you the prices of the products along with the pictures.

You can also contact the experts right now by clicking on the images below.

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