Iranian Pistachio Market | Wholesale for Export & Import

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Iranian Pistachio Market | Wholesale for Export & Import

Iranian Pistachio Market | Wholesale for Export & Import

Iranian Pistachio Market is a really wide market with a wide variety and fields. Pistachios wholesale for export and import is profitable but how and where to start?

Iranian pistachio export/import market has a very large volume of buyers around the world.
Iranian pistachios have different varieties that are available to buy with different payment methods.

In Kerman and Khorasan pistachio orchards, different types of pistachios are available for different export markets.

Most Iranian pistachio products are the following types:

Akbari / Ahmad Aghaei / Fandoghi / Kaleghouchi / Badami

Various pistachio recording companies and terminals are active in processing and selling various types of pistachios in Iran.
Obviously, most of these companies and factories are in pistachio-producing provinces.

Iranian Pistachio Export/Import Market

Iranian Pistachio Export/Import Market

Different countries in the world are looking to buy Iranian pistachios. But different pistachios are available in different markets. This difference is both in terms of the type of pistachio and in terms of its quality.

All types of pistachios in the previous section can be available in 3 different quality categories:

  • Natural-Open pistachio or NO: This type of pistachio is one of the best qualities of pistachio.
  • Mechanical-Open pistachio or MO: which is at the lowest possible level in terms of price and quality.
  • A mixture of NO and MO: which combines the above two types with different percentages to set the price.
Different standards are important for pistachio imports in different countries. For example, for the clearance of pistachios in countries such as Germany, Italy, France, and Georgia, Aflatoxin Certificate is necessary.

But for countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Iraq, and the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf, only the standard and Phytosanitary certificate are sufficient for the clearance of goods in the destination country.

When exporting/importing, the type of pistachio and the health analysis are important. Of course, you can use the advice of the Artin commercial team.

Best Pistachio Variety in the Market for Each Country

Best Pistachio Variety in the Market for Each Country

Iranian AhmadAghei Pistachio:

India is a perfect market for Iranian Ahmadaghaei pistachios. Also, Ahmadaghaei pistachio is a common variety for export to Iraq, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Uzbekistan, Kuwait, and Qatar.

Iranian Badami Pistachio

The Badami market is mostly in Iraq, India, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhistan.

Iranian Fandoghi Pistachio

Fandoghi is a common variety in almost all countries.
When you want to import Iranian pistachios to European countries, Fandoghi is the first available option.
By the way, Iranian Fandoghi pistachio has a perfect market in China and Russia as well.

Iranian Akbari Pistachio

Akbari is the most expensive variety of pistachio in the market. In fact, most of the luxury brands and markets choose the Akbari variety.
Emirate, India, Australia, and Germany are the main buyers of this variety.

Iranian Kalleghouchi Pistachio

The first and the best market for Kalleghouchi pistachio is Lebanon, especially when you can supply large sizes of this type.
Then, exporting Kalleghouchi (Jumbo) pistachio to Germany, Australia, and Italy is a good business.

Export of Iranian Pistachios

Export of Iranian Pistachios

To determine the method of export or transportation of pistachios, a few cases must be fully specified. So that we can choose the safest and cheapest shipping method.

The most important parameters for sending pistachios from Iran to other countries are:

  1. At first, The weight and volume of the product
  2. Country and destination city
  3. Package type

Considering all these cases, you can choose the best way to send pistachios or their products. Obviously, each method has different costs.

The methods of sending goods from Iran to other countries according to the geographical location are as follows:
Sea shipment/Land/Rail/Airlines

Of course, various transportation companies are active in this field and you can receive inquiries about shipping costs.

Payment Methods for Purchasing Pistachios

Payment Methods for Purchasing Pistachios

Obviously, there are several ways to transfer and settle the purchased goods. Some foreign buyers have accounts inside Iran and transfer money in Rials inside Iran.

The main and common way in recent years is to transfer the cost of products through reputable and well-known exchange offices. This is the fastest and safest way right now.

Some pistachio exporters have bank accounts outside Iran, especially in countries such as Turkey and the UAE, and customers transfer money to these accounts via Swift.

One of the ways that are recently acceptable by exporters is payment in digital currencies. In other words, you can transfer an equal amount of digital currency to the buyer. In fact, this method is easily possible in some countries.

Of course, some companies that have not yet adapted to this issue feel a little risky to do so.

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