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Iranian Pistachio Slivers Factory

Iranian Pistachio Slivers Factory | Artin Nuts Exporter

If you have any plan to import Iranian green chopped or slivered pistachios, you need to find a pistachio slivers factory. Artin Nuts Co. is one of these manufacturers and exporters.

Production of sliced ​​and slivered green pistachios in Iran is not a common activity of a nuts factory. In fact, there are not various producers of export-quality of Iranian pistachio slivers.
The Artin company is one of these pistachio slivers factories that produce, package, sell, and export this product.

Some Iranian pistachios are very suitable for producing slices, chops, and slivers due to their suitable color and elongation.

Pistachio Slivers Production Factory

Pistachio Slivers Production Factory

Qazvin province is one of the production centers of green pistachio slivers in Iran.
In this region of the country, various types of pistachio slices are producing and marketing.

Pistachio slices are using in different grades due to their various uses and consumption.
The most important uses of pistachio slivers in the market inside and outside Iran are:

  1. Decorating and cooking a variety of foods
  2. Sweets
  3. Cake
  4. Ice cream
  5. Persian GAZ
  6. Sohan
  7. Halva
  8. Lokum
  9. And Also, Baklava

In each of these products, pistachio slices and slivers are using for decoration or as a raw material for foodstuffs.
To prepare pistachio slivers, the raw material is green pistachio kernels.
To have a good quality pistachio kernel for slice and sliver production, you should refer to the pistachio producing areas.

Different provinces are active in pistachio production in Iran:

Kerman , Qazvin , Khorasan Razavi , Yazd , Semnan

These provinces have been active in planting pistachios for many years.
But the pistachio we need to prepare the slice is a product that has several special characteristics.
The most important characteristics of the pistachio kernel for slicing are its greenness and fat percentage of pistachio kernels.

Good Quality Pistachio Slivers

Good Quality Pistachio Slivers

When the pistachio kernel is slivered, it becomes very brittle. For this reason, sufficient care must be taken in its production, packaging, export, and transportation.

As mentioned in the previous section, The Artin pistachio slivers factory have many buyers in various countries.
This product is sending to different countries along with Iranian pistachio nuts and kernels.

India, Australia, Ukraine, Canada, and Switzerland are the main buyers of Iranian pistachios.
The most important features that can be mentioned for a first-class pistachio slice are:

  • Green color
  • Proper long shape
  • Good fat percentage
  • Standard moisture level
  • Also, Proper and durable packaging

The above has a direct impact on determining the quality and price of slices and slivers.
Of course, in some export markets, aflatoxin certification is also in demand for the product.
This certificate is more for EU countries. A separate process is performing to prepare the product for delivery to these markets in the Artin collection.
For more information about the export of pistachio slices, you can contact the commercial unit of the Artin company.

If you are on this website with your mobile phone, you can click on the image below to get in touch with one of the experts on WhatsApp right now:

Bulk Purchase of Pistachios from Artin Nuts Exporter

Artin Nuts Exporter

To buy major volumes of green pistachio slivers from the production center, you can contact the Artin factory.
In this collection, pistachio slices with pistachio kernels from different provinces are producing and processing every day.

According to the needs and requests of customers, pistachio slivers are available at various prices.
But for exporting pistachio slices, only one type of product with the best quality is producing and marketing.
Since the production process of sliced ​​green pistachios for export is different, its price is higher than similar products.

You can make your bulk purchase non-in-person at Artin Production Company.
Before registering your order, you can follow the below steps:

  • Communication with the sales unit (call, WhatsApp, completing the form and email)
  • Get photos and prices of products
  • Initial approval
  • Submit sample request (if required)
  • Final approval and issuance of pre-invoice
  • Finally, Prepare and send cargo

Green pistachio slices are sending to industries and workshops for the production of sweets throughout the country.

High-Quality Pistachio Slivers Price

Pistachio Slivers Price

As mentioned, the daily price of pistachio slivers depends on its quality parameters.
For example, the yellower the slice of pistachio, the cheaper it is than the slice of green pistachio.

The exchange rate of USD and Euro, on the other hand, affects the price of pistachios and their products because they are exporting.
For this reason, at intervals when the exchange rate fluctuates, unfortunately, the price of pistachio slices also changes.

In this regard, it is not possible to put a price list and update it on the website.
But you can easily get the price of different types of pistachio products in the sales unit of Artin production company.

Meanwhile, the slices of pistachios in this production unit are in the form of 22 kg cartons.
Each 22 kg carton contains 4 cartons of 5.5 kg.
With this packaging method, less damage is done to the product until it reaches the destination.

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