Iranian Pistachio Slivers – Green and Healthy

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Iranian Pistachio Slivers

Iranian Pistachio Slivers – Green and Healthy

Iran is the main producer of green slivered and chopped pistachios. Iranian pistachio slivers are healthy and really perfect for pastries and foods.

For bulk purchase of green pistachio slivers in Iran, its Iranian producers are the best option.
These production units or their direct distribution centers sell a variety of pistachio slices in high volumes.

Iranian Pistachio Slivers Production

Iranian Pistachio Slivers Production

Since Iran is one of the largest pistachio producing countries in the world, it also offers the side-products of pistachios in the market.
The most important pistachio side-products are:

Pistachio kernelsPistachio slicesPistachio powderPistachio flakesPistachio butter

Each of these products has different types and their production process is completely different.

Pistachio kernels are using to produce pistachio slices and slivers. In other words, the raw material in this field is pistachio kernels.
If high-quality pistachio kernels are using and the production unit has enough expertise, first-class products will be available.

The most important features of a pistachio kernel to produce slices and slivers are the following:

  1. The size of the kernels
  2. Proper long shape
  3. Fat percentage
  4. Freshness and good taste
  5. Also, the green color

All of the above directly affect the production of pistachio slices and the quality of the final product.

Iranian Pistachio Slivers Major Supply

Iranian Pistachio Slivers Supply

For bulk purchase of pistachio slices in Iran, their production units and distribution centers are the best options.
In addition to the reasonable price, the freshness of the product is also very important. And due to the high sales volume of these centers, orders are often produced on a daily basis.

To buy pistachio slivers in high volume, you should pay attention to many quality items, which we will talk about in the next section.

The highest volume of pistachio slices is producing in 3 provinces of Iran:

  • Qazvin
  • Kerman
  • Khorasan Razavi

These provinces are pistachio producers in Iran.
Of course, Qazvin province does not have a high volume of pistachio production, but the pistachio kernels of this region have an extraordinary green color.

Pistachio slivers ​​production units are often in these three provinces to be close to the pistachio production center.
Not to mention that many producers of pistachio side-products procure their raw materials from other provinces as well.
Because in some cases, it is possible that pistachio kernels in other cities have the necessary characteristics to produce high-quality products.

One of the direct sales centers for Iranian pistachio slices and slivers in Iran is Artin Pistachio Company.
In this center, pistachio slices are producing and marketing in different qualities.
In addition, for export cases where better quality and special standards are considered, production is done during a special process.

What is High-Quality Slivered Pistachios?

High-Quality Slivered Pistachios

To get the answer to this question, we must examine the parameters and characteristics of a high-quality pistachio slice.
The most important and main parameters in measuring the quality of pistachio slices are the following:

The degree of greenness | Long slivers and slices | Proper fat percentage | Standard moisture percentage

Each of these features affects the quality of the product and, consequently, the bulk purchase price of pistachios.
When the product is using for export, you should pay more attention to these features.

In addition, a completely hygienic environment to confirm product analysis is another issue that must be considered during production.
In some companies, due to having healthy and first-class products, all environments and devices are thoroughly washed every few days.
This causes all products to receive the necessary approval from a microbiological point of view.

Prices of Iranian Pistachio Slivers to Buy in Bulk

Iranian Pistachio Slivers

As mentioned in the previous sections, the raw material for the production of slices and slivers is pistachio kernels.
Therefore, the price of pistachio slices is directly related to the price of pistachio kernels in the Iranian dried fruit market.

Since a large volume of Iranian pistachio nuts and kernels are using for export, the price of world markets has a direct impact on its domestic price.
In other words, the daily exchange rate of the dollar to rials and the euro has a direct and momentary effect on the price of pistachios and its products.
During periods when the exchange rate is stable, the prices of products in this area do not change much.

But unfortunately, at times when currency fluctuations are very high, we see sharp price changes in the market of pistachio nuts, pistachio kernels, and pistachio slices.

For this reason, we are sorry to post the price on the website, but simple ways to get the daily price of different types of pistachio slivers are as follows:

  1. Complete the relevant forms on the Artin website to contact the sales unit
  2. Direct contact with sales unit experts
  3. Send messages on social networks to sales experts (WhatsApp and…)
  4. Send email to Artin sales unit:
  5. Follow Artin’s Instagram page

Through all the above ways, you can get the daily price for the bulk purchase of Iranian green pistachio slivers.

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