Iranian Pistachios for El Salvador | Pay in BTC or ETH

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Iranian Pistachios for El Salvador | Pay in BTC or ETH

Iranian Pistachios for El Salvador | Pay in BTC or ETH

The Artin pistachio company supplies Iranian pistachios for El Salvador and Mexico markets and you can pay by BTC, ETH, or other cryptos.

As each day passes, more and more companies accept cryptocurrencies as their payment. In fact, more companies understand that these payment methods (by cryptos) are faster, easier, cheaper, and even safer.

One of the first countries that accept payments in BTC is El Salvador. There are new opportunities in this country when they have such enhancing views for the future. Obviously, businesses can grow rapidly in El Salvador if merchants understand this opportunity.

Artin Company Accepts BTC and ETH

Artin Company Accepts BTC and ETH

And now, one of the companies that accept BTC or ETH for the payment of its products is the Artin company.
This company is a producer of pistachios in Iran. In fact, Iran is the biggest producer of pistachios in the world after America and the Artin company is one of the producers of this product in Iran.
The Artin company produces various pistachio products including:

Pistachio Nuts (Raw/Roasted/Salted), Pistachio Kernels in different types, Pistachio granules, Pistachio slivers and slices, Pistachio butter, and Pistachio powder.

The point is, that this company started sending Iranian pistachios for El Salvador and accepting payments by Bitcoin or Etherum since September 2021.

Artin Company Pistachio Products for El Salvador

Artin Company Pistachio Products for El Salvador

There are various Iranian pistachios products for export to El Salvador but we first should check the market. Obviously, you need to check the market to see which variety of Iranian pistachios have a better market in El Salvador.
By the way, you need to find out if they are affordable or not. Obviously, it should be a profitable business.

In fact, Iran is a good market for buying agricultural products. And some Iranian agricultural products are more interesting to other countries:

  • First of all, you might hear about Iranian Saffron. The origin of real Saffron in Iran. Therefore: You can buy Iranian Saffron from Iran and pay BTC to the Artin company. They send Iranian Saffron for you in El Salvador.
  • Pistachio Nuts and Pistachio Products are the next well-known product of Iran.
  • Also, Barberry and Jujube are the two special products of Iran but you don’t hear much about them in El Salvador.
  • And there are various other products that you can find profitable for the El Salvador market.

And now, the Artin company processes Iranian pistachios and provides these products both in bulk and in small branded packages:

  1. Pistachio Nuts (Varieties: Super Long, Long, Jumbo, and also Round)
  2. Pistachio Kernels (Varieties: Peeled, Green, and also Purple Skin)
  3. Slivered and Sliced pistachio kernels
  4. Pistachio Granules
  5. Also, pistachio powder is another product of the Artin company

Paying BTC/ETH for Iranian Pistachios

Paying BTC/ETH for Iranian Pistachios

The companies accepting Bitcoin for their products are not still worldwide and numerous.
But there is a company in Iran accepting cryptocurrencies for the payments of its products.
Obviously, this issue is new in the world but we see more and more companies accepting this method of payment every day.

The other point is that paying money for Iranian products to Iranian companies always was a big challenge for the buyers of these products.
But, paying in BTC/ETH or even other cryptos is the easiest, fastest, and even the cheapest way for wiring money.

Some don’t believe in cryptocurrencies as a real asset but when we see companies using these new methods as their payment:

We can be sure that crypto and blockchain is the new thecnology in the commercial markets

for purchasing Iranian pistachios and Artin company’s products, make contact to Artin export managers:

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