Iranian Pistachios to Buy Directly from Artin

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Iranian Pistachios to Buy

Iranian Pistachios to Buy Directly from Artin

There are many types and varieties of Iranian Pistachios to buy in bulk or shopping packages. Read this article to know how to buy Artin pistachios directly.

The supply of export-quality pistachios in international markets is one of the main businesses in the field of dried fruits in Iran.
Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei, Koleghoochi, and Fandoghi pistachios are among the best-selling varieties.

There is one another type of Iranian pistachio in the market with the Persian name of Badami.
This type is long pistachio.

Iranian Pistachio Varieties to Buy

Iranian Pistachio to Buy

Iran is one of the largest countries in the supply of pistachios in the world.
Iran’s rival in this field is the United States, which has surpassed Iran in terms of production.
California is the main producer of pistachios in America.

But Iranian pistachios still have many buyers in world markets due to their special quality and taste.
Pistachios are suppling in Iran from several pistachio producing provinces:

  • Kerman
  • Khorasan
  • Yazd
  • Semnan

Pistachios produce in these provinces have a high diversity in terms of type and size.
In the following, we will examine the most important types of pistachios for export in Iran.

The highest amount of Iranian pistachio production is related to Kerman and Khorasan Razavi provinces

Pistachios producing in each region of these production centers are different from each other.
This difference in quality is often due to weather conditions as well as the type of soil and the way the trees are cared for.

The most important types of pistachios produced in Iran that are well known in international markets:

  • Akbari
  • Ahmad Aghaee (AA)
  • Badami
  • Fandoghi
  • Kalleghouchi

Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei, and Badami pistachios are in the Long pistachio class.
Fandoghi pistachios are on the Round floor and Koleghoochi pistachios are in the Jumbo category.

Each of these types of pistachios sells in defined ounces (sizes) in the market.
For example, Fandoghi pistachios are commonly used for export in 30/28 – 30/32 and 32/34 ounces.

Of course, there are 26/28 ounces for this type of pistachio, but a large volume of it can not be supplied and sent.

Artin Pistachios Price

Artin Pistachios Price

The supply price of pistachios is one of the basic parameters in the trade of this product.

The most important and influential factors determining the price of pistachios are the quality of the product and the daily rate of the dollar (or euro).
There are various products of Iranian pistachios to buy, such as pistachio kernels in different grades and varieties, chopped and slivered pistachios, and also pistachio powder.

The quality of pistachios is often determining based on defined parameters and standards:

  • Firstly, Pistachio type
  • Second, Ounce (size)
  • Third, the Percentage of close-mouth
  • Forth, the Percentage of slightly open
  • Fifth, View and appearance of the load
  • Sixth, Taste
  • Ans also seventh, Packing

All of these are effective in pricing Iranian pistachios for export.
In addition to quality, the daily price of the open market dollar is effective in determining the price of pistachios.

For this reason, at a time when the foreign exchange market is experiencing severe fluctuations, there is more instability in the export of pistachios.

The experts of the Artin pistachio company in the sales unit are ready to provide you with the daily prices of different types of pistachios.
For this purpose, you can complete the forms available on the website or contact the unit directly.

In this company, in addition to production, roasting, and packaging of the product according to the customers’ orders, all customs affairs are also done.

Customs formalities and obtaining certificates related to the export of pistachios and pistachio kernels are done in Artin commercial unit.

Iranian Raw Pistachios Wholesale

Iranian Raw Pistachios

The market for selling all kinds of pistachios in Iran is in different countries.
Many countries that choose Iranian pistachios to buy have a high demand for pistachio kernels, pistachio slices, and pistachio powder.

Selling pistachio products is also one of the good trades in international markets.

The most important products that are selling along with pistachios in these markets are:

  1. Different varieties of purple skin pistachio kernels
  2. Types of green peeled pistachio kernels
  3. Regular green pistachio kernels
  4. Pistachio slices and slivers
  5. Different types of pistachio powder
  6. Also Pistachio butter

Each of these products has its own target market.
Artin production company is one of the sellers of this product in the large pistachio market of Iran.

In this collection, all kinds of Iranian pistachios and their products are available to buy and export.

Artin company has also a Persian website.

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